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  1. Is the administration considering opening a new server? I personally look forward to it.! Please give us information on this matter. My suggestion is x5000 Phobos.
  2. Any plans? create new server. muxglobal? Vote for Phobos again x5000
  3. The sooner the better
  4. 999999999


    News on a new server? Administration The approximate date when a new server will open ? Winter has passed too. People need a new server !!
  5. 999999999


    Punish me ! in fair-play ! i always will told fck all turkish who there playning ... !! they personality and etc ! fuck you little kid guys ...
  6. 999999999


    You guys so funny ... no balls )) crying . on forum bla bla bla macro ..................................... frist . my own character is fair-play i was broke rules and i can take punishment !! but Another character is no problem about talking fck all turkish ))) or give me this screen . where i write you buy character still dont know how to play ? from who you buy character? and for what? bonuses? or 12 bon???
  7. + (we can create 1 TOP Guild there in phobos for some another server castle siege ! And all of them events
  8. Phobos > x100 King ( same server. difference only rings pendants! . lets vote
  9. 999999999


    admins can close . thanks
  10. I think GUILD WAR . or GUILD TDM . 5x5 play ingame its better then another shitly KD
  11. 999999999


    now i cant remember pasword , recovery dont sending new pasword
  12. 999999999


    thanks , will try
  13. 999999999


    LOST CHARACTER AND ACHIVMENT Game server x5000 phobos acc belo4ka180 Nickename - SoulFly- in this acount must to be 81 archivment . but when i loggin there are 0 archivment 0 character . if i must use _m i cant bcz my acount name is long> Any help! thanks
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