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  1. pm me ingame -SensatioN or pm me in forum
  2. Sell trade SM 216 RR 221 QUEST Set Venom mist +13 Helm L+DD+ZEN ADD+28 ARMOR L+DD ADD+28 GLOVES L+DD+MANA ADD 28 PANTS L+DD ADD+28 BOOTS L+DD+REF ADD+28 Staff of darknes +13 F.o Guardian sheild +13 F.O PVP =MG EQUEIPMENT OFFER Trade Seraphim=hellion/violet
  3. its not true admins can check my logs in endles , i never use this bug so if you not agre this suggetion its your choise
  4. Dear administration I have one idea if it possible change chaos castle time. Devil square every 1 hour chaos castle 2 hour . for example chaos castle every 1 hour devil square every 2 hour Dear Players who are agree for this change coment ( + ) Thanks wish you all best
  5. 999999999

    ET bug

    I Definitely dont know they uses this bug many times or not. maybe they never use this bug . the problem is not hiden now admins must to fix it frist time .
  6. 999999999

    ET bug

    I think its server problem if server have bugs , no one knows only furious members use this bugs or all of lot people who playning here ... so admins must to fix this problem not ban all of them .
  7. 999999999

    SS X5000

    1My nickname: -SensatioN 2. The game server: phobos x5000 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.3 4. Name the offender: 1hitc0mbo 5. Prof:
  8. https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=999999999-&serv=server5 = OFFER BONUSES / FLAMES
  9. 999999999


    Rec 4.1 he is a stupid
  10. what about golden fenrir if i dont want seraphim maybe add this function i can made golden fenrir .
  11. elite potions not only problem in this server , people have another problem to and so ?
  12. doesent metter with elite potions or without if in guild are 32player and 20 are noob its not elite potions problem so calm down and train more for learn this game .! this about Theace (english bad )
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