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  1. SFT

    B > Talia iris pants

    Hi , Buying talia iris pants.
  2. SFT

    T > Elf items for SM items

    Selling this stuff.
  3. SFT

    T > Elf items for SM items

    Sry but i cant add anything
  4. Trading following items : Red spirit set Gloves+13+L+dd+dsr+28 Pants+13+L+dd+hp+28 Boots+13+L+dd+hp+28 Armor+13+L+dd+dsr+mana+zen+28 Helm+13+L+dd+ref+28 All + ddi 8% Flaming bow+13+pvp Pvp arrows +12 3rd wing+9+L Offer sm items for this stuff.
  5. Selling : 3rd Elf wing+Luck +0 Buying : Scale gloves , helm+L+dd+ref Adamantine pants+L+dd For wings offer bons or other 3rd wings.
  6. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    Can be closed.
  7. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    Up. U can check char ChaineR on market. Trading those items for mg set and sword.
  8. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    For sale : Ashcrow set Helm +15+L+ref+hp Armor+15+L+dd+ref+mana Pants+13+L+dd+ref Gloves+15+L+dd+ref+mana Boots+15+L+dd+ref All + ddi 8% FO dragonbone blade+13 Pvp 2nd bk wings+13 Offer bons or mg items.
  9. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    Still searching for mg set .
  10. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    Items sold. B > MG set +13+L+dd Hit me with offers.
  11. SFT

    Some items in x5000

    Selling or trading : Mantle+15+L+edr+ignore Phantom shield+13 FO ( shop ) Royal protector+13 FO ( shop ) 2x ring of fire+13 FO ( shop ) Offer bons or items. Pm me in forum.
  12. Also can offer bons in muxlegend for all of this stuff. Pm me in forum , selling all from this account . Also can sell with acc.
  13. Can offer sm w4 for bk w4 . Also can offer mg or sm items.
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