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  1. SFT

    Buying x1000

    Buying divine helm + dd / L+dd
  2. SFT

    S > Adamantine set in x1000

    Up. Scepter sold. T > Adamantine set for elf set+12 / 13
  3. SFT

    S > Adamantine set in x1000

    Also for sale : Great Lord scepter+12+pvp Cape+12+L+ignore+mana Offer bons , or elf items .
  4. SFT

    S > Adamantine set in x1000

    For sale : Helm +12+L+dd+mana+28 Armor +12+L+dd+hp+28 Pants +12+L+dd+28 Boots +12+L+dd+hp+28 Gloves +12+L+dd+ref+mana+28 Pm offer if u are interested.
  5. SFT

    Selling Bronze set x1000

    Selling bronze set : Helm+13+L+dd+mana Armor+13+L+dd+mana+hp+zen Pants+13+L+dd+dsr+mana Gloves+13+L+dd+hp Boots+13+L+ref+hp Offer bons.