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  1. PutinAgent/Phobos A1-A2-A3-B3-C3-D3-E3-E4-E5-F5-F6
  2. Triton


    Basically "EagLe" here and this is still allowed. If this is the way to maintain healthy community then it does a very shitty job to maintain (Forum is toxic as fk, Game is still toxic as fk). Quoting Ivan :" The point about bullying is as follows: If you call somebody kebab, beagle, woof woof and it offends him, and he goes to write a topic, then he didn't understand your 'joke' and he is offended, doesn't matter if YOU think it was a stupid joke and it shouldn't get to his heart. Moreover, if it happens regularly, he keeps being offended, which leads to 'I don't want to play on such toxic server anymore'. And prison was created exactly to protect players from IMPROPER ATTITUDE. -Who is offended in this case?!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Eagle?! (Oh please, the conversation is nto about him and is not pointed at him! how he can be offended that someone needs to feed exact dog). - -" Nigga" is used in a many ways describing "bro, dude, mate" and if this is legit offense than IMO the only one who can create topic is NaraK if he feels offended. Ivan:"And prison was created exactly to protect players from IMPROPER ATTITUDE." - Narak letting us know that he needs to feed dog and will be be right back. IMPROPER ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 player causing so much trouble for many players on purpose and it is being unseen for a long time because he is our "poor crybaby heavily guarded under any circumstences offended about everything player" . The worst case scenario to create non-toxic enviroment. Admins could have said Eagle my dear friend:" You can't post anymore such ridiculous topics and we are not allowing you to abuse our system anymore" - but those words will never come because nobody cares @Ivan Nebraska Is this the true idea behind your words about rules are getting stricter?? P.S Look at this decisions overally Much wants to send player in char ban for 1 week because someone said 1 word - the censorship is harder than in USSR Regime??! Casual Furious > TheAce war.
  3. Triton


    I will give my 2 cents here. This shit is going for ages from 1 specific person. Administration/Senate let us know bullying is being taken serious. Why is this only viewed from a one specific angle. Do administration/senate think players who are reported for some ridiculous reasons and being reported/banned for chatting to each other aren't offended at all? If this specific player " Eagle" would want to report anyone breaking rules he should've made tons and dozens of topics about 4.12, 4.2 every hour somebody is offending someone in post, people are speaking non-english in post(exluding guild "TheAce" ). This is clearly made up scheme to target-ban opposite guild members why is this still welcomed as a behaviour and isn't threat as a 4.11 or 4.18. This topic isn't a first one being created from conversation cutoffs. P.S Bless allows 1 post per random player in "Prison" section i don't know if this rules apply to MUX but this is my opinion.
  4. Thanks, what about Voting site? Is it gone permanently or its temporary?
  5. Everyone on server who purchased this buff to fight in CS or before still has it
  6. What about Power Buff bug, will it be fixed in this maintance or it requires more serious work?? Is it visual bug or everyone who purchased after server relocation has it till this day also it somehow mitigates the reward from lottery as some people might have won PB and it's just getting wasted. 1 more things, what happened to Voting sites? We started with 5 after quite long time 1 got removed and now again -1 for us in result we left with 3 voting sites.
  7. No solution yet to this problem, any help what is written on forum didn't fix the issue. We tried Disabling Firewall/Defender. Put everything in exception list. Windows troubleshooter also didn;t see a probem. Downloaded patch. Used CMD to check if something is blocking ports or connection to program still result is negative. When program loads it just shows disconnect in logging screen. @Ivan Nebraska @BeL4eNaK
  8. I can assure you Mekss didn't do this on purpose or know how to do it, we have talked about it and tried to replicate it sadly without success because if im not mistaken the reward for reporting this bug is 2k bonuses )
  9. Phobos/HeagblKBaT a2 - a3 - b3 - c3 - d3 - e3 - e4 - f4 - f5 - f6
  10. Triton


    maybe "go in forumm"? or something like that. What else it could mean
  11. Already said everything about elite potion what I had to say. You couldn't agree or disagree you are just floating around and playing with words. Please don't post on this topic if you do not want to contribute actually. See you think this is rant/tears actually it's not even close its a worry about game integrity itself and for healthy community benefit. The main thing is people are too lazy or donesn;t believe they could change anything so they don't even try. Furious are always against everything Ace do or start. Please also stop with probabillity theories, in game things go differently. Ignore the things I wrote and stay in contact with this topic but only with eyes please ))
  12. Furious have lost 2 even 3 CS in a row so do we? this is not this case. Should'have waited when we win 2 in a row and then write to mitigate such usless comments. I do think everyone has cash for them. Potions are cheap af. I'm sure the most player base even don't know about this potions or proper usage. I'm sure you will survive without potions. Please quit this useless comments. You talking about things you don't know, people in Ace use Elite potions as well. I don;t understand why furious using players to write troll comments? I do care about server and I want to improve it. The sadest part, other guild players from Furious know the issues of server but they don't try to solve them or put attention on problems. The only thing you do are laughing about those who try's something.
  13. You log once in a month to play for few hour ofcourse you won't see the majority things going on. I haven't said people are immortal and I do know what im talking about. You want to force everyone use elite potions, right?? because people who doesn't use elites die rather fast compared to users and it creates imbalance. Because you don't see problem and use elites aswell and it benefits you very well. Dont be afraid I bet you can achive the same without elites too. Phobos is kinda balanced there are still many things to work on for better balance. FireScream, SM, DL absorb, shield skill, cyclone skill etc
  14. Greetings, dear ladies and gentelmen, I would like to draw your attention to a serious problem. You would guess what it is? *sad trombone sound* and the answeeeer is - Elite potion small (restores 50% HP) and it's big brother Elite Potion v2(restores 100% HP). In my opinion this "devils" potion must be removed completely it causes so much imbalance between classes/duels/events etc in few words - ruins game integrity. This topic must have been written long time ago but I needed to gather facts, arguments and experience it myself. The first reason is "Ancient Set Users" especially BK/DL/MG/(???)ELF(???) work like a charm. - The purpose of ancient set is to decrease defense to gain significant damage boost. Elite potions mitigates ancient set "con" or removes it completely. You must take a risk for higher reward wearing anc set not facerolling with it by pressing braindead potion button IMO. Secondly, have you ever seen a Dark Lord fighting and tanking 5 people with excellent set with their anormous amount of defense and absorb and pressing elites ??? dont forget the same goes with BK's this class is already imba a.k.a strongest 300k tank oneshotting everyone without pocket-swell with their combo while being under the shield and pesky "cyclone" skill which enables option to become a rogue and play hide n seek in the character models - complete check. The question is how this poor beast will survive on the battlefield!? *Big Elite Potion knocks the door*. - By removing potion it will elliminate the gap created between pot users and non users. Third reason I would say this shouldn't be in the game when one person eliminates full party of people because of elites on the +/- same equipment level. Those are the 3 main reasons in my opinion I summed up which hurts current gamestate. Let players be more equal on a server there are already good enough chunk of boosts for P2W players or you want that PvP will consist from only elite HP potion users? Feel free to comment your thoughts and give improvements, ideas. Please avoid useless flood/mockery. @BeL4eNaK @Ivan Nebraska
  15. Bless arena is zone where PvP is welcomed. On every spot except top "Ghost warrior spot" killer receives punish for killing and you stay on spot depending how many jewels inventory holds. 1 death = 1 jewel dissapears from invetory. Just additional information. It's guild itself or player but I understand what you mean, it kinda kills the new player interests because stronger players flex on them but thats how this game is, there are many non pvp zone spots. Player must choose if he wants to risk for higher exp reward.
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