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  1. Triton

    Unfair punishment 4.18 Warning.

    I understand administration don't care about both sides, just one "screen presenters" who cut out some context out of all conversation, still it is silly that you are speaking by yourself from all the people who are involved in administration job. Its administration problem if they didn't change rule or added something new to it. Unwritten rules are confusing people. Every rule must state what can be done, what can't . it would be only fair, right? still waiting answers on all 4 questions if administration/senate people are accceptable in quality. For example rule 4.2 states words like "noob, dumb etc" are not reviewed so we know we won;t report people for saying that. screen rules are stating screens over 3 days are not elighable , but whenever other rules are mess it creates complete chaos. Exceptions are exceptions or senate uses dictatorship dependant personality to reffer from something that isnt written, everyone rank dependant must have regulations to navigate. Killing low players = bullying, killing any players frequently = bullying, laughing about them - bullying, Ksing spot = bullying. Everything is bullying you get my idea? How many % trolling takes in word bullying.
  2. Triton

    Unfair punishment 4.18 Warning.

    That word doesn't change anything. I like unwritten rules the most when players can't figure out what certain rule point means and what goes under the radar. Can we get an argumented answer? 4 questions and I receive zero answers and response. This is not time to play game from series "I'm so smart and I rule the world".
  3. 1. Triton 2. VeryMuch/Type-R 3. 4.18 Malicious acts against the interests of the server and its players. Explanation: You are regularly and on purpose provoke other players to break the rules and then you create topics on them in the Prison section with the intention to ban them. 4. First of all I will talk right now About player HeagbIkBaT judgement only. I have a mixed feelings about 4.18 warning issued to player as rule states "you provoke him so you may screen it and make a topic to punish him" no topics were created from this player at all so why adjust such rule to something that never happened? Calling someone "Sosamba" is more for gigs and LOL's I think people from server will agree on that without any hard intentions to provoke or offend also 4.18 for sosamba isnt too much? Maybe I have missed something certainly "Rules for screenshots" does not state anything about additional refferences, how so you may shift everything up to your mind. Old screens = additional ref(how old up to 6 months or maybe dated 2 years ago are valid too??) nobody knows. In my honest opinion it is somehow stupid to reffer to an old screenshots I havent seen any of senate reviewing any topics with screendate expired or this is the first and very very special case. There are no screens in prison topic UP TO DATE which could lead to any possible warnings/ban, still dont see anything game breaking in those screens from player HeagIKBaT. From this wrap up maybe somebody else from the list has been given wrong verdict, someone should look into this closer. If possible may I receive explanation from Senate/Administrators with more in-depth details on verdict? Thanks in advance. Cheers. @Type-R @VeryMuch @Ivan Nebraska
  4. Triton

    phobos 4.18

    May I know how you choose screenshots if the expiration date is 3 days top? There are few screenshots which are already out of date which you put under review. @Type-R
  5. Triton

    phobos 4.18

    Explanation: You are regularly and on purpose provoke other players to break the rules and then you create topics on them in the Prison section with the intention to ban them. More for you Eagle Lets ban every left over active player Eagle always outlaw hmh killing people randomly in arkania like always Radom screens of MUX everydays life also rule 8 to everyone because they gave you a nickname LOL.
  6. Triton

    phobos 4.2

    it's fine just do what he told you. I'm for gender equality don't be ashamed if your gay.
  7. Triton

    Physical / Wizardry

    I would choose helion because of 35% dmg increase instead of 25%.
  8. Triton

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    a1-a2-a3-b3-c3-c2-d2-d3-d4-e4-e3-f3-f4-f5-f6 SeksiTumba/Phobos
  9. Triton

    Guilds with MAX 10-12ppl - Legend Server

    why not writing about other deals like weismann bought yamakasy and dictator bought zeitgeist or maybe you didnt know that?
  10. Triton

    Guilds with MAX 10-12ppl - Legend Server

    Hellion came from market and were bought for bonuses from character Wizard Nbone was sold right after merge appeared and somebody bought it and does that means TheAce bought it?
  11. Triton

    Ivan - prisoner

    Maybe let flippy be a head-prison lead so he judge correctly with his mastermind. Weismann your the one who shit on flippy all the time and now you became best kiss friends how so? I agree with your suggestion
  12. Triton

    SS Phobos.

    I think he meant 'flame' specific word for attacking someone in internet. Eagle just agrees with everything and laughs. Its ofc my point of view but insulting family for playing mu laughing about their children telling them 'family is playing low'. Dont you think its too much, everybody wuld report this case I think even you if it happened to you. it is kinda offending and big disrespect.
  13. Triton

    Legion - Phobos

  14. Triton

    phobos 4.6

    Yes, atleast it's chat ban not character ban, the guy got lucky ^^
  15. You are making me guilty even tho you don;t know who am I? how does it work If ya also don't care, do not make yourself look like amoeba. please dear god of arrogance check all prison topics and gather them together to see if i'm right. Show me the graduation of how fast ban should be delivered, you are showing us complete nosesnse and lack of manners which involves discrimination!!!!! You are the last who could talk here. If you will reply to me once more with such a bullshit answer = your brains are trash. Think before write my friend, bro.