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  1. 1. My nickname : -Rogue2. The game server: x5000 Phobos 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.8 / 4.18 4. Name the offender: M4dneSS / We4kneSS 5. Proof:
  2. -Rogue / Phobos 2- 12 3 - 23 4 -28 6 - 31 32 - 14 7 - 22 19 - 5 22 - 8
  3. ChelseaTing


    You meant you? Minimum combo damage of a bk not fully equipped is 30-40k x2. And my combo damage was 50k x2 or around there. *sadface*
  4. ChelseaTing


    It was also funny that you having full dd ref set, w3, shield with 300k hp not being able to kill a 90k hp mg, not even once in duels. Don’t bullshit about demon or achievements. You need just 1 or 2 combos to kill a 90k hp mg, while I need 3 or 4 combos to kill you with 300k hp with a shield. So stop bringing demon or achievement or anything else in the topic of not being able to kill me.
  5. ChelseaTing


    Of course I die from ts without f10 on. You then started provoking me and me provoking back to you. So who has the problem here again?? Me? Me dying to your ts without f10 on started the provocation?
  6. ChelseaTing


    Yeah and I admit I did a lot of provocations, its because you were always killing me afk, and you were always trying to be around me talking shit to me when I never talk a shit. I’m too lazy to quote your screenshot here again. Referring to the screenshots that you reported me yesterday, CEMO asked if -Rogue is me, I didn’t respond to him or anyone. And you suddenly appeared and said yes, -Rogue is me, the kid. I, then responded to you “crying little girl”. From here, you started the provocation. Not to mention that, you always kill me afk and I didn’t say shit. I only asked you to come and kill me again when I’m not afk. Referring to the another screenshot that you posted of me dueling LEnnor-, it was quiet at first because me and lennor kept our conversations in pm, discussing stats etc.... And YOU, again appeared talking shit there saying ez, run, weak etc...... Also, another screenshot you posted, talking shit to me saying “afk no more” to me because you saw me came back on and noticed you killed me again. Therefore, I responded you and you took screenshot of it using it to report me. Isn’t it ridiculous? Most of the screenshots you took, you were the one who started the provocations. Yes, in some screenshots I was the one who started. But like I said, in the recent reports you are the most active reporter reporting several players. Other than those, its just me reporting you, mrhope reporting you. From here, who has the biggest problem? Why didn’t LEnnor- report me? Why didn’t -MrHope report me? Why didn’t DUNCAN report me? Why didn’t the rest of the players report me? OR us reporting each other? Its just between me, mrhope, duncan and you?
  7. ChelseaTing


    Stop crying, like I said you yourself posted screenshots that included you starting the provocations. If you want to prove that you aren’t the one who started all these shits, go ahead and dig out pictures of us killing you/provoking you which should be 1 or 2 months ago. Remember after I bought the BK and testing duels with other BKs?? You are always there provoking me (which can be found from your own screenshots that you posted in another prison thread). In those duel pictures, did I even see you? Did I even talk to you? Did I even kill you? No, so it should be none of your business. Its just me with other BKs in the duel and you were always there talking shit to me.
  8. Its only normal if people would talk shit to you because you started all these.
  9. Let me correct you, yes you guys dueled and you killed him then he started accusing you of using macro. BUT, he didn't kill you nonstop straightaway after that. When he accused you of using macro, you talked so much shit about him saying he is weak, delete your character, I don't need macro to kill your weak character etc..... Then he started killing you nonstop. He doesn't kill just you, he kills mostly everyone. But did anyone ever provoke him nonstop like you? You just can't stop provoking other players can you?
  10. And also even after you provoke @-MrHope and he kept killing you right after, you couldn't stop provoking by asking him to delete his character because he is weak? He is weak but he is able to keep killing you lol. Also why @Gladiator killed you and called you trash is because you talk too much shit to him, this is why he would kill you and call you trash to proof he is not the shit that you always say he is. I wish admins could check the logs to see what you always said to Duncan and -MrHope. I always witness those with my popcorn but I never bother because I didn't know this day would come
  11. LOL. Why would they keep killing you? There is only one reason - which is because you are the one started provoking them, thats why they would kill you and say the same shit back at you. Why would your own guild member also kill you and provoke you? There is also only one reason - because you talk shit to provoke him.
  12. Lmao. Look even @Type-R said he feel bad for @Gladiator saying that Duncan is clearly being provoked. Also ask @-MrHope which you always provoked. [email protected]@ ask yourself if it did happen. I never cared when you started all this provoke, I would just provoke you back so I never took any pictures. Unlike you, starting all the provokes and when people talk shit back to you you report them on forums. Which is clearly rule 4.18
  13. So what? Can you read rule 4.18 ? You are already banned for provoking me, now you continue to provoke other players which you always did back then. 4.18. Malicious sabotage of the interests of the server and its players. Explanation: You purposely and regularly provoke other players to violate rules of the server, and then create reports about them in prison, in order to ban them. In this case, @-MrHope and @Gladiator are the victims as well. Why? Because you always talk shit to them no matter on forum or in game. It's just that I didn't take screenshots of it because its not about me. Also, you started all the provoked, then reports them on forum after they talk shit back to you.
  14. I don't care I just use it as a reference because you are funny that you took pictures of yourself starting the provoke. I don't have any screenshots about you provoking me because I didn't take it as a matter like you. Because I am just provoking you back after you started provoking me. [email protected]@
  15. 1. My nickname : DeathCrow2. The game server: x5000 Phobos 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.8 / 4.18 4. Name the offender: We4kneSS (M4dneSS) 5. Proof: Look this picture right here, he is still provoking other players (4.18) even though he got banned on his main character. Sorry but the rest of the pictures were taken from him, because I didn't take it as a matter when he always provoked me, but he is the one who took pictures of himself provoking people. He always kill me when I'm afk. Look, here he provoked me by saying he can kill my mg that has demon, double his achievement. Here, I am trying out pvp stats with other players, suddenly a wild guy appeared here watching our duels and started provoking me again as shown in the chat that he took screenshot of himself. This duel here is just a test and it is none of his business why is he talking so much? Also here, I was chilling in BA, and my friend asked if it was me (-Rogue) that appeared in BA, because I sold my MG (Nara). I didn't respond to him, but then this wild guy suddenly provoked me again which is also none of his business when my friend asked if that was me. As I mentioned before, this guy is always killing me when I'm afk. When I got back, he started talking shit again. Conclusion, this guy always kill me when I'm afk, and when I got back he would say something or some shit to provoke me, it is only normal that I would provoke him back. Yes of course sometimes I don't respond to him because he is too annoying.
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