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    Need some help

    Related to Bless/Soul/Life imbue-ing I observed that an item can fall to +0 without the help of Chaos machine when adding a bless/ soul or life gem. Is this a bugg or the success rate is very low?
  2. SOSexy

    B> MG exe items Phobos x5000

    Hello, I want to buy exe MG items on Phobo x5000: - sword with skill; - armour set.
  3. SOSexy

    Need some help

    Which in particular ?
  4. SOSexy

    Need some help

    Hello, I am kinda new here (actually played a long time ago) and I am trying to figure some stuff and I cannot find the right place to get the info. So can you please help me with the following question: - after reset my stats are reseted from scrach, only that I got 500 unused stats points (at the first rr) - am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance !