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  1. Bekali

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    BTrice / Phobos a1 - a2- b2 - b3 - c3 - c4 - d4 - d5 - e5 -e6 - f6
  2. Bekali

    SELL ELF W3 +Ignore

    sold close
  3. Bekali

    SELL ELF W3 +Ignore

    = any w3+9 + flame = black fenrir + flame = offer Easy
  4. Bekali

    Sell wings and staff x5000 licitation

  5. Bekali

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    WosT/Phobos 1-28 3-7 9-12 20-5 24-34 6-19 10-8 11-30
  6. Bekali

    [17.06.2020] - Easy start for new players

    The idea is go for referrals more players online? :))))) Just by count of course lmao
  7. Bekali

    Merge with aurora or vice versa?

  8. Bekali

    Sell wings and staff x5000 licitation

    Are in market now for u
  9. Bekali

    Sell wings and staff x5000 licitation

    I can sell them foe right price
  10. Bekali

    Bailout from prison

    For 8 rule wich is the price ???
  11. Bekali

    Trade Seraph

  12. Bekali


  13. Sell wings of dragon +13 Sell divine staff of archanghel +edr+2% wiz dmg This is a licitation
  14. Because of the new pets it seems that more players are on aurora server now! A lot of players are talking about merge and it looks that some players know allready what will happen. So my question is: will be a merge soon?
  15. Bekali

    New craft

    I have the answer lol 30s 30creatin 1 c 500kk for dragon 30s 30 creatio 1c 1kkk for divine Nice attack speed for divine why not something archangel for elf dl??? why not something like the bone blade mix for other char???