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  1. Bekali

    4.2 , 4.12

    aplauze for crying kido of the month.. i can get a nice job for u for underdecks cleaning
  2. she/he (M4dneSS is Alastar right?) said: "you are so dumb , your girlfriend is fucking for small coins"
  3. Bekali


    by google translate "jegosule" it is filthy but its worse in romanian language its more like greasiness, grime he was provoked and the screenshot its not by the rules close
  4. Bekali


  5. i want to say but obviously then i will get some ban.. how do you call those who just watch and dont say nothing?
  6. for a peach we all go insane ! XDXDXD stop loosing your mind and be real
  7. of course i know! what is this dumb question!? I quoted you because you gaved the best answer and after your good answer they were still crying. Maybe they didnt sow what you said. you can cry too :))) merry Christmas too you too!
  8. Just cry Cry on discord about your own guild member Tell PIKI 1 cc is for him and 1 for you fair deal Mu life is CC
  9. if no teleport the bk wins allways what goes around comes around we noobs need a chance also
  10. so much drama queens this sounds like domy vs ... or danger vs ... i think another drama queen? are you a girl too?
  11. Only way is that our sets and wings get automatic pvp when merge
  12. Bekali

    S/T SM X5000

    Hello! Can I ask why admins answer other topics and gives bans and cannot just close a topic or response in time for a contractual deal? Thank you Please close
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