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  1. I guess people just don't read properly. Instead of giving thoughts / improvements about the topic, they are just mocking and/or giving useless comments.
  2. Mesmerized

    T>SM = BK/MG

  3. Mesmerized

    4.2 Archik

    1. My nickname: Cherlynnnn2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.24. Nickname of offender: Archik5. Proof:
  4. PM Offers in Bons/Items https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=DeathCrow&serv=server5
  5. Mesmerized

    T>SM = BK/MG

  6. S>Blue Fenrir = Bons
  7. S>5 Condor Feathers / T> to Flame
  8. Mesmerized

    Phobos x5000

    Selling (Offers in Bons / PM) Sphinx Set 3 Options +15 [H] +dd+hp+dsr [A] +dd+hp+ref [G] +dd+ref+dsr [P] +dd+ref+dsr {B} +dd+hp+ref Plate Set +12 [H] +dd+ref [A] +dd+ref+dsr [G] +dd+ref [P] +dd+ref {B} +dd+dsr Dragon Knight Set +12 / {B} +13 [H] +dd [A] +dd [G] +dd+mana [P] +dd+mana {B} +dd+zen Piercing Set + Leather Set +15 [H] +dd+hp [A] piercing [G] piercing [P] +dd+hp+dsr {B} +dd+hp+dsr Piercing Ring Ice +12 Flameberge +13+edr+2% Lightning Sword PVP+FO+13 Serpent Shield PVP+FO+13
  9. Mesmerized

    x5000 BK/MG

    Selling these 2 chars https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=fascBM&serv=server5 https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=fascinate&serv=server5
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