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  1. Yes, I did. It still says incorrect password / username. Even though I changed my password twice (also change in forum).
  2. I changed password twice, also ticked (also change on forum), it still says "The display name or password was incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off)." About registration, I figured Bless forum is different from MUXGlobal forum, so I tried to register new account for forum but it says it is registered.
  3. Why I can't login to Bless Forum with my Phobos account? I can't register either
  4. Emily / Luxor a1 - b1 - b2- c2 - c3 - d3 - e3 - e4 - f4 - f5 - f6
  5. I couldn't agree more. Making decisions on banning players or not on the prison threads usually takes every 1 week after CS, now it takes weekSSSSSSSSS to do so.
  6. Mesmerized

    4.3 AnVo

    I already showed proof, if you think you changed "cả nhà máy ngủ vãi cả dai" from "cả nhà mày ngu vãi cả đái" would prevent you from getting banned, then you're really cute. Yes, non-Vietnamese would think, oh, this guy must be innocent, nice try, but I'll point out the differences for the viewers here: I'll show the words/alphabets that you changed with underlines and have them bold below: The sentence that you actually meant - cả nhà mày ngu vãi cả đái The sentence that you changed - cả nhà máy ngủ vãi cả dai Also, why on earth would you say "The whole factory fell asleep" when I provoked you? Does any "factory" or "fell asleep" have any connections between you killing my rudolf or me provoking you? Doesn't make any sense. You yourself, admitted that you made a mistake and you are so sorry for it in the first place because you didn't know it could get you banned. Later on, you tried to changed the alphabets/words so that the sentence would have another meaning to debate for yourself. Anyway, I would not say anything more no matter what you reply/answer next, wasting my time for a coward that won't admit that he did something wrong. Admins please give RO for further floods, and make a decision.
  7. Mesmerized

    4.3 AnVo

    Note: I only said, come, noob, come, noob, and haha, all the time; meanwhile, you: "your whole family is stupid."
  8. Mesmerized

    4.3 AnVo

    You killed my rudolf when I left ap on in BA spot for no reason, I didn't kill you anytime before, I didn't provoke you anytime before, I didn't do anything to you before. So it is normal for me to get anger to kill you and provoke you after you started that. Besides that, I just provoked you with words like "noob" etc. After that you went straight to insult my family? Also, do you need to understand rules to prevent yourself from insulting other players' families? Isn't it common sense to not insult families of others?
  9. Mesmerized

    4.3 AnVo

    1. My nickname: Emily2. Game server: Luxor x10003. Which rule clause was violated: 4.34. Nickname of offender: AnVo5. Proof.
  10. what is this?? full of russian languages and i can't understand a single alphabet, not even google translate helps
  11. Emily / Luxor a1-b1-b2-b3-c3-d3-d4-d5-e5-f5-f6
  12. Mesmerized

    Zen Bug..

    I didn't mention you were the one... I just said there are.... And yes.... you can barely see personal stores in arkania now.
  13. Mesmerized

    Zen Bug..

    Isn't this crying? Also, you can see the vietnameses spamming global chat in game if you are online
  14. Mesmerized

    Zen Bug..

    babies crying for zen
  15. Emily / Luxor 1 - 15 13 - 21 3 - 34 4 - 32 21 - 28 14 - 25 9 - 35 16 - 19
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