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  1. Orkhan

    3 lvl Elf wings

    B>> +12 or more 3lvl elf wings = 1flame+2 feather? bonuses
  2. Orkhan

    B>>account 5000x

    Buy empty account 5000x
  3. https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=marketchars&id=6250&serv=server5
  4. Orkhan

    Red Spirit x5000

    B>>Red Spirit Helm ,Armor,Pants +luck+dd+xx
  5. I can’t because need admin permit
  6. Hi .I play MuxGlobal at work till 18:00 then continue from home. At work our computer had Symantec antivirus program. When I install MU on my computer (or I tried to play from flashcard) Symantec automatically delete play.exe and main.exe files. I can’t disable symantec because only admin server can do this. Please help me to solve this problem.
  7. bele basqa salamatciliqdi?
  8. Orkhan

    B>>>W3 for elf

    B>>w3 for elf B>>RS gloves+ll+dd
  9. Orkhan


    +13 Bronze set, rate, ref, dd, 8% or +13 titan only dd and 8%?
  10. Orkhan

    B>>RS Gloves Helm

    Buy>>>Red Spirit gloves and helm minimum +dd+luck
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