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  1. Ivan Nebraska

    Facebook Event - Free Bonuses!

    I wrote to pm to all the participants in facebook with clarification about their login and on which server they want to obtain them. Please answer me there and bonuses will be yours (if you participated in the first place). Also write to me in pm on Facebook, if I missed someone.
  2. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 30/11/2019

  3. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 29/11/2019

  4. Ivan Nebraska

    Donated bons but didn't received them

    You have to write now to Paymentwall support, we cannot help you with this issue. Ask them what really happened.
  5. Ivan Nebraska

    dissaper FO Serpent Shield +13

    Item is restored, but please next time make the topic, according do rules.
  6. Ivan Nebraska

    Lost Night Edge FO

    Item is restored now.
  7. Ivan Nebraska

    Forum Quest - "Treasure hunt"

    Sent. Tornado clarify your nickname in pm.
  8. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 22/10/2019

  9. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 17/11/2019

  10. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 17/11/2019

  11. Ivan Nebraska

    Forum Quest - "Rebus"

  12. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 13/11/2019

  13. Ivan Nebraska

    Forum Quest "Black Box"

  14. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 31/10/2019