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  1. Ivan Nebraska

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

  2. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 10/01/2020

  3. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 10/01/2020

  4. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Legion 14/01/2020

  5. Ivan Nebraska

    Prisoner Vacancy

    We have decided to take VeryMuch as a new senator. Thank you all for participation.
  6. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Legion 09/01/2020

  7. Ivan Nebraska

    Prisoner Vacancy

    More like: we don't want more senators from the TheAce guild . Any other players are welcome to participate.
  8. Ivan Nebraska

    Prisoner Vacancy

    It would have been preferable to choose from Furious guild, though we will take into account other players from other servers as well.
  9. Ivan Nebraska


    Working now. You are welcome to test
  10. Ivan Nebraska

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

  11. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 30/12/2019

  12. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 31/12/2019

  13. Ivan Nebraska

    Ivan - prisoner

    The fact that two prisoners are playing in the same hostile guild, should not affect their decisions. I can and always help with some extraordinary situations that may occur in prison. If they will occur (or if you think that sentence is unfair), just pm me and I'll look into them. I am still here.
  14. Ivan Nebraska

    SS Phobos.

    I think 4.3 is more than enough here. Closed. Happy holidays.