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  1. If you want to ban someone and have valid proofs of his violations of our rules, report him to the prison section, providing screenshots or videos. We do not ban by voting
  2. Sent. Elvinas pm me
  3. No plans to launch on the remaining 2 weeks of this year. Should be in the beginning of the next one
  4. Both) Details of Merge are yet to be discussed
  5. So, merge will be possible only after the next server launch, after winter holidays with Bless Extreme server only. And only if the majority of players will agree on that.
  6. And after talking to him, it was decided to give 2 week irremovable ban, as it was for the first time and considering his circumstances. But this is not the topic to discuss ban details, please stay on topic)
  7. Tired or not, it is not an excuse for such insults
  8. Ivan Nebraska


    Try belo4ka_m1 account. Your char is there
  9. From what I can see now, the char was sold back in June already. And the email was never changed on your account, just use your login with "_m" - this is your real account now.
  10. Please, create a topic, according to template:
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