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  1. Hello to all the readers. These one and half years went so fast. There were unambiguous cases and ambiguous ones, some of you left disappointed and outraged, to some, my actions seemed appealing. Some wrote complaints and appeals, and some left their thanks. And I hope that the greater part of the community left satisfied. I've tried to make everything according to player demands and tried to explain my view point. From the next week, Lege Artis will take my place. And we will be doing everything to help him out. Thanks to everyone who supports and continues to keep the forum alive. It wouldn't be that interesting without you.
  2. Sent -bEagLe- write me in pm
  3. Okey, I see that login is changed, your new login is midilack_m, recover your password via this link - https://muxglobal.com/en/index.php?page=fpass
  4. Hello! There is no information about characters on this account, much time passed and information about moving of character is not saved.
  5. Ivan Nebraska

    Rule 8

    If the deal was made on August already, why you are making this topic only now? And who talks with Stefan in this chat? You? Then if you knew some details about the deal, then why you haven't published about it before? And on screenshots there are no connections to the account or characters. I can't 100% say it was a deal, and the deal itself was made such a long time ago, that there is no way to check logs anymore, to see if the owner changed.
  6. Thanks for noticing. They are deleted now from the rating.
  7. Ivan Nebraska

    Rule 8

    How can we know that Stefan from Facebook is Arrogant?
  8. I don't see 30 seconds afk on videos. While you were typing in chat, you just stood still 30 seconds as well.
  9. No, If player is active on accounts and honestly completes achievements, participates on events, shows up on ratings (except voting rating), it is counted as legal bonuses earning
  10. Which Items you don't see?
  11. Is item you want to upgrade located on your Virtual vault?
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