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  1. Could you please specify your account?
  2. Guessing the password from the character is something new indeed. Yet, provided analogies are pretty exact. If you stole somebody's credit card, it doesn't mean it belongs to you now (or guessed card password and use card now). And we just helped the victim to get his things back. And what is this topic about in the first place, as there are not even requests in it? Just to show yourself off? Not to mention you are not even the owner. And now you can live without forum and game for a while, not because you created the topic, but because of your toxicity and disrespect to the others.
  3. BK was returned to his owner. All people do mistakes and you lost not more than 10 bons. And if you will sabotage the process of return again or keep creating topics, regarding this char, all your accounts will receive ban, at least for a couple of weeks.
  4. Details about return will be discussed in pm.
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