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  1. MUXGlobal is not closed, there will be new servers some day. But when, you will know from the news
  2. Писать о проблемах переноса сюда: https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/63537-проблемы-после-переноса-luxor-empire/
  3. Добавил вам в виртуальный банк
  4. А что конкретно значит "стал фото"?
  5. We will let you know when we will have more info and concrete dates
  6. 1) Hold CTRL, hover the mouse over the skill and press the number on the keyboard 2) Read this topic /addstr - Adds strength points (example. /addstr 123)/addagi - Adds agility points (example. /addagi 123)/addvit - Adds vitality points (example. /addvit 123)/addene - Adds energy points (example. /addene 123)/addcom - Adds command points (example. /addcom 123)
  7. Try to use Pingzapper or Leatrix Latency fix programs. They usually help
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