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  1. Ivan Nebraska

    i have a little problem (crash)

    Windows 7 also has windows defender. As game files update, windows defender might delete a new or modified files, which were not considered as a thread before. If it won't help, please install the TeamViewer, write to my pm, and we will look into that directly.
  2. Ivan Nebraska

    Help please

    Also, please try problem 8 and 9 solutions from this topic.
  3. Ivan Nebraska

    i have a little problem (crash)

    Have you added the game folder to Windows Defender exclusions?
  4. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 28/03/2020

  5. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 31/03/2020

  6. Ivan Nebraska

    Bag stats

    Fixed, you can enter now)
  7. Ivan Nebraska

    i have a little problem (crash)

    Please try the following solutions: Problem #8: Game Client freezes or crashes after launch Make sure that the game client is installed on the same disk as your Windows System, usually it is "Disc C:". It's recommend to use standard path when installing game client: "C:\Games\MUX Global" Problem #9: Game window closes after entering login and password (or the second it launches) Set the following settings in launcher: Fog - on, Glow - off. Full topic is here.
  8. Ivan Nebraska


    Was a bug from a merge, fixed now.
  9. Ivan Nebraska

    Why im disconnect ?

    Please try now, problem should be fixed
  10. Ivan Nebraska

    just mine or general problem of game ?

    Had some technical issues. Should be fine now
  11. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Aurora 22/03/2020

  12. Ivan Nebraska

    Quests Phobos 26/03/2020

  13. Ivan Nebraska


    No words can excuse such statements. Permanent ban on rule 8.
  14. Ivan Nebraska

    Lost Pendant x5000

    You moved it to char named quest. It is in her inventory.
  15. Ivan Nebraska

    Missing Power Buff

    Okay, restored 7 days of your buff now.