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  1. GoTTi

    Server Maintenance

    all is well my mistake 🤭
  2. GoTTi

    SS phobos

    and how do you explain this topic? 4.12 and gave 4.2. it’s a prejudice against the opponent’s hyddia when they give you a ban not for what they owe. so gentlemen and ladies, let administrators decide not you. Good Luck))
  3. GoTTi

    Server Maintenance

    in silent ground and should drink 1 can in 2 seconds bug?
  4. GoTTi

    Server Maintenance

    Teleport SM...
  5. GoTTi

    Forum Quest - "Treasure hunt"

    GoTTi / Phobos a1-a2-a3-b3-c3-c4-d4-d5-e5-e6-f6
  6. GoTTi

    [2.11.2019] - New combo, lottery and view ranges

    140 lottery- box of luck, jewel, violet. Where is the trash from the lottery?
  7. GoTTi

    S>>Dark Soul set +13 8%

    I’ll look at you as a local Troll, you are very stupid!
  8. GoTTi

    S>>Dark Soul set +13 8%

    Maybe I'm not in the right section and created a theme! If you don’t know, or it’s too stupid when anz set is sold, Ichor is indicated in front of the name, or we will admit any bad development of the set, if not specified it means this is a simple exe set.
  9. GoTTi

    [2.11.2019] - New combo, lottery and view ranges

    Nice update, thanks!
  10. GoTTi

    [23.10.2019] - Jewelry craft and top earners

    Yes, an interesting update in the form of a jewelry craft, but I do not see the point in this, since rings and pendants can be taken for GT. The question is different when will there be an updated SM combo? and when will you introduce a new event on this server?
  11. GoTTi

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    GoTTi / Phobos 1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24 25-30 31-36 3-27 5-17 12-16 28-29
  12. GoTTi

    Quest number problem

  13. GoTTi

    Quest number problem

  14. GoTTi

    Quest number problem