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  1. S>1k pp = bon luxor
  2. make some videos we dont undestand at all !!!
  3. B<Ichor Set +11 Luxor PM DEMON = PP
  4. 1. acc name svara_m 2.Ring of Posion +13 all Serial 132242929 3.server phobos but i dont remember
  5. i can't return ring of posion from shop +13+all,please help
  6. Miyagi


    1) x1000 luxor2) DEMON3) i buying flame for 850pp4) flame5) from game nickname Shanks6) How the deal will be done : i get flame via trade, after that i transfer pp on shanks zgames account payment link from Shanks for 850 play points. / получаю флэйм в трейд, после перехожу по ссылке на оплату 850 РР
  7. Miyagi

    S> 3k PP=bon Luxor

    Luxor 6k Bon Clear
  8. Miyagi


    this is true ?
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