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  1. BlackBox

    phobos 4.1

    Yesaaa. The attempt to test if you are insanely retarded works. You know how many variations there can be? And you only think about one - spicy food Actually there can be a word kedab which is song name by Cheba Djenet )) Again drunk to not see i didnt wrote kb**b I wrote ke**b... Next level prisoneer with xray vision lmao.
  2. BlackBox

    SS Phobos.

    Are you plain stupid to not see 4.6 ? If you that blind I can quote it. That is not okay to touch family members at all especially like this guy who used it to flame player.
  3. BlackBox

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    FeedMe / Phobos 3 - 25  6 - 17 9 - 10 12 - 19  15 - 31 18 - 29  21 - 22 24 - 26 27 - 33 30 - 36
  4. BlackBox

    SS phobos

    What else proof to provide so you believe? You still think its not georgian? and its on japanese? As you are his guildy, please do me a favour and ask him what he meant by it and tell us. I see you work like this/or pretend to be one. - IF there is no sign of a street it means there is no street, but everyone else still call it as a street.
  5. BlackBox

    SS phobos

    Dude, why are you like this? I can't sit and wait when the guy must think a bit about what can be said and what not. So we need to check IP's right? Even I know eagLe and Xryst are both Georgians. Can you not spread this bullshit? - It looks stupid and very underwhelming. If senate would ban players for telling lies/hidding someones fault and ties to be misleading and gave bans for players who does that, you would not write 100% here.
  6. BlackBox

    SS phobos

    And if second word is somekind of unnoffcial slang which google never heard of it ? You got live translator EagLe ask him what it means and tell us, why he tries to lie about the meaning of it? We all know what is meant there... When words come in sequence like this Xryst: Sucker/noob Eagle: your mother...."insert word here" what could it mean?
  7. BlackBox

    SS phobos

    yes, its a new type of "good morning" right? Came here to look like a fool same with eagle? When dedashen means - your mother and there is not a compliment 100%.
  8. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

  9. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

    B< ichor pants
  10. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

    B>ichor pants
  11. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

  12. BlackBox

    Forum Quest "In searching of coordinates "

  13. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

  14. BlackBox

    B>phobos x5000

    BUY for god sake ichor pants! = BONS good offer.
  15. BlackBox

    Server Maintenance

    Is it possible to somehow fix kundun relics drop pattern? Sometimes there is a bug it doesn't drop anything at all.