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  1. XrysT

    Fresh Idea of MUX project

  2. XrysT

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    -TheAce- / Phobos 2-25 3-19 4-17 5-26 7-21 9-33 11-31 13-30
  3. XrysT

    2.1 phobos

    if u see eagle and who thinking to i m using macros, i m not writing like a much, for example : 123a123c123h123i and etc like he did 3 years ago when he banned) thats for good example. i writing process in duel where is Kaladze video, but you know only how to cry and how to make more drama for muxglobal server, your skill is so low and thats why you thinking to i playing with programs. so for me its compliment when ppls saying me to i have macro i really good hit combo and thanks. good luck
  4. XrysT

    2.1 phobos

    nvm what they can its only cry.. maybe they using macros but they are usuless with macros too i dont know about sylver but much i m sure he had macros on the bk only in cc = )))
  5. XrysT

    2.1 phobos

    8 combo in 10 sec not like a much 6 combo in 2 sec nice one good luck
  6. XrysT

    2.1 phobos

  7. XrysT

    ss phobos

    1. My nickname: -TheAce-2. Game server: x5000 phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.124. Nickname of offender: Weissmann5. Proof.
  8. XrysT

    ss phobos

    1. My nickname: -TheAce-2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.64. Nickname of offender: ByBaJleX5. Proof
  9. XrysT

    4.2 phobos

    nela zviadi - be carefull zviadi (zviadi georgian name)
  10. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    1. My nickname: -XpycT-2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: Tamara ( this is referal as i know, i wanna ask for ban main char if it possible)5. Proof.
  11. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    there is some words wich result is one no one can translate 100% clearly that sentences i translated how it is possible, i ll wait senate your comments isnt intresting for me anyway bastard means nabichvari also siri you can continue translate sentences another and upload screens, with google translate isnt possible translate word "siro"
  12. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    Eagle: Gamorte eg macro siro ( turn off macros bastard ) me : ra uzrdeli xar she sawyalo kaco ( you have trash tongue usuless man) me : wadi gamorte tamashi cotaxnit ( go turn off the game little bit time) eagle : uzrdelebi shin geyoleba ( trash tongues you have in home ) me : ager (here) me : chans ( clearly look ) eagle : ra chans? ( what clearly look)? me : sakaifod ( clearly) me : vin aris uzrdeli ( who have trash language ) eagle : vai ra kle xar ( ehh you are dick ) me : vui vui : ( ( ehh ehh : ( ) eagle : ra vui she codo ( what ehh you usulless ) me : chveulebrivi avadmyofi xar ( you are normaly sick ) eagle : shegagine da forumze itire (i insutled you and you cry in forum) me : charchenili tamasshi ( you are stuck in game ) eagle : mogetxova xo magari tipi xar ( you must talk in real life you are stronger man ) like that me : ahahaha ( ahahaha : D ) me : qurdulad dzmao? xDDDDD ( like a "vor v zakon" ? xDD )ironic answer eagle : sheni qartveloba movtyan me ( i fuck your georgian personality) me : :DDDDDDDDDD me : egec sheni 4.1 4.6 ( well its 4.1 4.6 ) me : aba he (good bye ) eagle : aba shenici carmatebebi (good bye and good luck) eagle : kleo ( you dick )
  13. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    i dont care what nation he have georgian turkey or armenian or something he insulted nation and there is clearly written everything, he touched georgian nation, if someone turkey man touched your turkey nation its not for you insult? if not with you everything is clear. i finished and waiting senate answers. thanks
  14. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    let give to senate decision ) they can translate he s words. i said already what he said, and they can check it i dont care what nation he have this is not good argument mr.lawyer
  15. XrysT

    SS Phobos

    @Type-R @VeryMuch i hope you will give RO if someone comment like weismenn its a waste time thanks.