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  1. aXw3L

    Physical / Wizardry

    No, it only works on wings. And as already answered, there is a difference of 10%. I think no. Because then the damage of black fenrir would be 35% + 25% and this would be noticeable :D
  2. aXw3L

    Physical / Wizardry

    We also tested and came to the conclusion that this is just a general damage, without prefixing wizardy or physical.
  3. aXw3L

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    a1-a2-a3-b3-c3-c2-d2-e2-e3-e4-d4-c4-c5-c6-d6-e6-f6 MiLan1sT / Phobos
  4. aXw3L

    Guilds with MAX 10-12ppl - Legend Server

    Weismann, It is ridiculous to read this from someone who is already on the server for the second time and buys everything ready and pumped by other players. It’s one thing when you buy individual things to complete your character, and it’s quite another when everything is right away, right down to the account.
  5. aXw3L

    [23.10.2019] - Jewelry craft and top earners

    Its work fine. But there is a limit of 200 bonuses per character.
  6. aXw3L

    phobos 4.6

    Please explain to me what difference will you be banned after 1 hour or the next day?
  7. aXw3L

    phobos 4.6

    You are paranoid. How much I play here and I see only your complaints, insults and tears ... the bans are not the same, the speed is not the same, the fast foods are not tasty, fenrir failed, the wings burn Tears tears tears ... enough already, be a man)
  8. aXw3L

    4.2 Phobos

    1. My nickname: MiLan1sT2. Game server: x5000 Phobos3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.24. Nickname of offender: Yacht 5.
  9. aXw3L

    B < W3 / Phobos x5k

  10. aXw3L

    B < W3 / Phobos x5k

  11. aXw3L

    Freia, Phobos, 4.12

    1. MiLan1sT 2. Phobos 3. 4.12 4. Freia 5.
  12. aXw3L

    B < W3 / Phobos x5k

    Buy > Elf w3 +12 or better Buy > Hellion/Violet fenrir Offer pm.
  13. aXw3L

    S/T > MG items / Phobos

    Close pls
  14. aXw3L

    B < W3 / Phobos x5k

    Buy Elf w3 +0...+15 Offer pm.
  15. aXw3L

    S/T > MG items / Phobos

    Sell: Thunder Hawk Armor +12 L ref dd hp dsr hdd Thunder Hawk Boots +12 L ref dd hdd Thunder Hawk Gloves +12 dd dsr hdd Thunder Hawk Pants +12 dd hdd Destroy Armor +12 dd hdd Buy/Trade: Res Spirit Boots +dd or better