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  1. Relics

    Unfair punishment 4.18 Warning.

    yes, posting stupid things on global destroys servers authority.
  2. Relics

    Unfair punishment 4.18 Warning.

    That was one of the reasons why 4.18 was made. That and nonstop killing of newbies.
  3. Relics

    Phobos x5000

    How much for bk ?
  4. Relics

    A fantasy

    Imagine how pros will suck versus newbies who already played with summoner etc and know how it works ))) mu season 3 like mux is Basically very simple routine. At the start of the server there are always 5 “speedrunners” that kill online if few weeks. Adding new features will help to make global more I retested for new aswell as for old players.
  5. Relics

    A fantasy

    But for real. I Guess they also don’t have fun to watch every 2 month for a new source of some pocket cash. I agree, once and for Long to creat something stable and Long living. PS 99% of Players want new class and tree skill on muxglobal. Just saying
  6. Relics

    A fantasy

    As your topic description says - it’s a fantasy. Never ever believe wipe will ever happen. Maybe all 3 currently server merge into 1 or each of the servers merge to other projects.
  7. Relics

    Piercing Leather Update

    So full set opt previously was 15% ignore now it’s 8% in total ?
  8. Relics


    What to do if someone sells something on diff server for 2,550 bon ? If I donate 60 euro for 3k bons, what do I do with the rest ?
  9. Relics

    4.9 TDM

    So if it doesn’t look like it’s an agreement or points giveaway - it’s absolutely legal.
  10. Relics

    4.9 TDM

    Nobody said it’s forbidden to use multiple chars on TDM. It’s only forbidden to stay afk (2mins+) while TDM or to make any agreements.
  11. Relics

    S>>BK x500 server

    Don’t understand that sentence
  12. Relics

    S>>BK x500 server

    1 queastion - why ?! you will come back to Phobos again anyway.
  13. Relics

    Top Bk

    100k bons for what ? Wanna buy new rings for your referral ? Or Scepter and shield for some DL ?
  14. Relics

    Top Bk

    What for you sell ? Bons ?
  15. Relics

    Char x5000