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  1. Not everyone wants to go to destiny server. For me, i’d rather have my account go to bless extreme.
  2. Youre that bad 10 yrs+ lmao. This combo existed back then.
  3. lol nobody was using this combo? this combo was being used last year and people in bless xtreme has been using it wtf u talking about. where do u come up with all these assumptions rofl.
  4. i just LOLed. have u even tried this combo during pvp? u dont really know what youre talking about. its hilarious @Type-R go in game and get on theace and pvp me im in game right now. ill show u my combos and youre just gonna say its all bug
  5. that stat is so bad and it sucks with that combo. youre an idiot if you think that. @BeL4eNaK if youre gonna nerf bk this much, u might as well nerf all characters to balance everything out.
  6. @Type-R i dont use this combo, but if i show u my other ones, you guys will assume its just a bug.
  7. ivan already said this wasnt a bug combo and it was one of the easiest to do, and he told that to adee so ya.
  8. @Type-R this is not a bug and an admin already confirmed this. Stop assuming its a bug.
  9. @Type-R its not a bug lol the game was designed like that. youre executing the combo too fast. timing is off. LIke i said youre cancelling out the full animation of rageful blow for the combo. its just like any other class.
  10. are you sure its me? fyi, there are two people that have access to my account!
  11. i dont use macro. and i dont even play. stop accusing people. its sad
  12. U can do this combo on the other mu project servers and other private servers.
  13. Thats how u execute a combo, u cancel out the full animation of a skill. Rofl!
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