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  1. AmazonE


    Update : 1k bonuses left
  2. AmazonE


    Sell 2k Bonuses Phobos = Odyssey (Bonuses or Items). Write Private Offers
  3. AmazonE

    Invalid votes

    Quests and voting are related to your IP address. And yes - if you do not have enough quests on your character, you will not get bonuses for voting. It's really not difficult. You only need 110 quests to vote unlimited
  4. AmazonE

    Invalid votes

  5. AmazoN / Phobos server 4) Best screenshot from our "new locations"
  6. AmazoN / Phobos server 3) Best "beautiful" screenshot
  7. AmazoN / Phobos server 2) Best "massive / crowded" screenshot
  8. AmazoN / Phobos server 1) Best "Gameplay / Action " screenshot
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