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  1. kenzoxy

    Forum quest -"Treasure hunt"

    KENZO / Phobos 1a b1 b2 b3 b4 a4 a5 a6 b6 c6 c5 d5 d6 e6 f6
  2. kenzoxy

    S> BM FULL (Phobos Server)

    Hey guys, Want to sell this BM (KENZO). It has 11 tributes. F.O Fire Ring+12/Pendand of lighting+13 Brass set +lk+dd+hp+13 (1 w/ dd8%) +shield lk dd hp +dd8% In-game quests 150. Wait for all your offers, PM ingame or Just MAIL BOX (this will be the best for me)
  3. kenzoxy

    Guild Tribute

    Cool, because of this, i lost the fight to increase my top rating... (lost 1 day ~up to 300lvl)
  4. kenzoxy

    Guild Tribute

    HELLLLOOOOOOOOO??? I stay more than 1 day and cannot do GT, because of the guild limit, SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ASAP!
  5. kenzoxy

    Crystal of condor drop

    yea, that's what i meant. Wew, then insane..
  6. kenzoxy

    Crystal of condor drop

    Hey guys, Where i could find crystal of condor in Phobos server? Usually it drops in barracks, but i sit more than half day here and nothing is dropping. Is there a small drop rate or did you modify something? Thanks in advance, wish you a good day!!