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  1. marykoks

    B<BK Set,Swords PhobosX5000

    S> sword of bracer PVP F.O
  2. marykoks

    BUY x1000 LEGION

  3. marykoks

    BUY x1000 LEGION

    B>>> Hurricane +DD Valiants Pants boots +L +DD +0-12
  4. marykoks

    BUY x1000 LEGION

    Buy Hurricane items +L +DD Server Legion x 1000
  5. marykoks

    Christmas in MuxGlobal

    @BeL4eNaKHallo , maybe u can check this post and give some answer?:D
  6. marykoks

    Christmas in MuxGlobal

    Yea this is good idea. Follow.
  7. marykoks

    Ring of earth x5000 Phobos

    At the expense of the ring I completely agree, you promised to remove it, that you would write in the "VESNA". But for some reason, nothing has changed. I think that you should listen to the players dear admins. Good luck to everyone, I hope you will hear
  8. marykoks

    What it is going on ?????

    oh thanks so much, good luck
  9. marykoks

    What it is going on ?????

    Dear admins , tell me please what is going on , how it is possible ??? This is joking or what ???? 121 %
  10. marykoks

    TRIBUTE x5000

  11. marykoks

    TRIBUTE x5000

    Weissmann right, a lot of time must be given to this game, after 216 you need to sit in the game for at least 2 days 24 hours, because it’s unrealistic that no one will kill you, bc ds a maximum of 12 times you can do it, so what can you do? And for what, to get the box or items that you burn in chaos machine???
  12. marykoks

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    A1-B1-B2-B3-A3-A4-A5-B5-C5-D5-D4-E4-E5-F5-F6 Phobos /MagicPro Good luck everybody:D