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  1. S> sword of bracer PVP F.O
  2. marykoks

    BUY x1000 LEGION

    B>>> Hurricane +DD Valiants Pants boots +L +DD +0-12
  3. marykoks

    BUY x1000 LEGION

    Buy Hurricane items +L +DD Server Legion x 1000
  4. @BeL4eNaKHallo , maybe u can check this post and give some answer?:D
  5. Yea this is good idea. Follow.
  6. At the expense of the ring I completely agree, you promised to remove it, that you would write in the "VESNA". But for some reason, nothing has changed. I think that you should listen to the players dear admins. Good luck to everyone, I hope you will hear
  7. Dear admins , tell me please what is going on , how it is possible ??? This is joking or what ???? 121 %
  8. Weissmann right, a lot of time must be given to this game, after 216 you need to sit in the game for at least 2 days 24 hours, because it’s unrealistic that no one will kill you, bc ds a maximum of 12 times you can do it, so what can you do? And for what, to get the box or items that you burn in chaos machine???
  9. A1-B1-B2-B3-A3-A4-A5-B5-C5-D5-D4-E4-E5-F5-F6 Phobos /MagicPro Good luck everybody:D
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