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  1. tricks

    Flippy Phobos 4.10

    not exactly what we want to show in this post if not, the method used to try to ban someone. in this case "flippy" ban maybe is correct or not. we just try to be the same for everyone and show enough evidence so that nobody has 1 objection or any doubt of personal reasons or not. you have the example with belka, he showed simple and clear evidence on the post "about the set" do you think someone will be against it? i dont think so, some maybe not agree with the amount of penalty but we all agre that it was fair. this is to avoid starting to see post for anything in the future about the swicht: you have to be in that place, many even experience stress, it would be a good as with the tdm at least 1 minute of the video. as to give time to the one who makes the mistake at that time to react, is hard to do it in few second and more is someone wants to give you ban with "1 picture" that is just my opinion
  2. tricks

    Flippy Phobos 4.10

    we are part of the community of this project, whatever server we play aurora,pandora or phobos it may be that you are part of the senate and can judge and ban someone but try to be more objective and show enough evidence so that everyone in the community know why someone receives ban or any other type of prohibition.
  3. the character of cpbi change name https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-troika-&serv=server5
  4. i appreciate your answer understand a lottle more the reason but between the new map and having to wait 30minutes guest have to get used to it
  5. and if so,could someone give me some exaplanation of why. thank you
  6. hello i am ew to this project, want to ask if it really necessary to wait 30 minute for the reset have 3 or 4 friends who for this reason stopped playing
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