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  1. On 5/9/2019 at 3:15 PM, Arthur said:

    But first i want to know. You bought this account? Bought characters? Both? Or it's your own from the start?  

    SAFRAN(kolia),anubis, star and the other cahracter with few reset that he stole are mine from the beginning in the old server phobos


    FEST(teko) and VIKTORIA(TRACY) i bought them already on the aurora server but at different times

  2. 1-.Serve: aurora. character: omeone entered their 2 accounts and theft character, item,bons


    account: kalian93  



    account: rist


    2-shop, grand shop phobos (old server)

    3-has the date and time of what happened in the photo

    4-no idea how it happened

    who stole was






    he changed the name of 3 character: FEST, SAFRAN, VIKTORIA

    of those 10 character change 3 to another account.






    PD: only 2 character are really importante  FEST, SAFRAN (have the emails of the 2 account and already change both pass) .

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