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  1. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> Top BK x5000= PP

    S> -Kitten- for only 6500 PP - Hellion - Wings of storm +15+L+7% - 2x Night Edge +15+FO+harmony - Infernal shield +13+FO+harmony - Dark phoenix set +15+28+harmony > [H] DD REF / [A] DD REF / [G] DD REF DSR MANA / DD REF / [P] DD - Ring of fire +15+7% - Pendant of fire +15+7% - Ring of wind +13+7% - Ring of ice +13+7% - 6 condor feathers - acc 162 achiev. + MAIL - + 3 Dragon knight items +13+L+DD [A] , [G] , [H] + Mantle +9+L+Enemy atack power
  2. Nyaaan Kitten

    S<>T rings , pendant

    Hello , i want to trade Fire ring +15+FO+7% for Wind +15+FO+7% Fire pendant +15+FO+7% for Wind +15+FO+7% possible to downgrade to 13 also can trade Ice ring +13+FO+7% for Wind ring or pendant +13+FO+7%
  3. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> Mantle x5000

    S> Mantle +12+L+Crit = any 3rd wings +0-9 + 2 Flame of condor
  4. Nyaaan Kitten

    B> PET x5000

    Want to buy pet (hellion , spirit , elite horse) = 5000 PP also interested in > 4 wings
  5. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> X5000 VGO

    20k bon price on this server = 300 eur , so you make pp for same price ...
  6. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> X5000 VGO

    PRICE UPDATE = 20K Bon PP. P.s. You can sell all items and upgrades back and get up to 40+ K bonuses
  7. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> X5000 VGO

    S> Mantle +Crit +L+14 = 10 K bon S> Royal scepter +15+FO+Min/max + Royal protector +15+FO+8%DD = 10 K Bon S> Fire pendant +15+FO , Fire ring +15+FO , ice ring +12+FO =8 K Bon S> Darkside Adamantine set +15+L+28+8%DD + Exl Adamantine [H]+15+L+DD+REF+HP+28+8% / [G]+15+L+DD+REF+28+8% / [A]+13+L+DD+RATE+MANA+8%DD / [P]+13+L+DD+ZEN+8%DD / +13+L+DD+HP+MANA+8%DD = 10 K Bon Also selling Acc 80 achievements +2 DL 216rr +mail +5 Condor feathers on acc and many other You can buy all together only for 25 K bon
  8. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    Last price 30 k
  9. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    @SoloDanceR What you mean not worth ... to make all my items +15 you need spent about 30k only ...
  10. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    UP / price 50k
  11. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    + top scepter and shield +15+FO+Harm + poison ring from TB+FO Price 60 K Bonuses.
  12. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    Update : Right now my Mantle +Crit is +14 :)) soon will be +15 price still be same
  13. Nyaaan Kitten

    S> TOP DL x5000 Phobos

    S> Top DL -Kitty- +acc with email / 145 qw / 56 achievements On acc Top royal scepter +15+FO+Min max 85 Top royal protector +15+FO+HDD8% Adamantine set +15+L+DD / [H] DD REF HP , [G] DD REF DD HP MANA [A] DD RATE MANA [P] DD MANA + ANC Darkside adamantine set +15+L+HDD8% Mantle of Monarch +L+9+CRIT Fire ring +15+FO Fire pendant +15+FO Poision ring +12+FO (from tribute shop) 7 Condor feathers on this acc many other and many jewels After 1 resset will be 1 more ring from tribute shop , right now 250 Tribute points +3 k bonuses on acc Please dont spam me for fun , i want to talk only with realy interested persons. Price is 60 K Bonuses Not less ps. for guys who thinking i`m crazy , i have spent : Scepter + shield +15 = 15k bonuses Exl adamantine set + anc adamantine set to make it +15 , in price not included set price = about 10k bonuses Ring +15 = 5k+- Pendant +15 =6k+- Mantle of monarch +9+L+CRIT = min 10k 7 condors = 7k +3k on acc so only for this you need to spent +- 55k bonuses
  14. Nyaaan Kitten

    x5000 S> Adamantine set +13+L+DD+HDD8%

    S> Adamantine set +13+L+DD+HDD8%