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  1. RedBull

    Banned account

    lol when senates sell items for real money they don't get ban
  2. RedBull

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    Good luck doing same old shit over and over again Achievements, quests and so on... Do you guys are planing to open new season server with rage fighter and summoner?
  3. RedBull

    Sell x5000/x30

    Selling on x5000: Elf 196 res: -M3- Selling on x30:
  4. RedBull


  5. RedBull

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    It was a trap the whole time 不
  6. RedBull


    nice provocation from senate member 不
  7. RedBull

    Funny videos

    Yes and add a guide for macro aswell
  8. RedBull

    Funny videos

    Bye muxglobal! p.s Here is a video guide how to make CM Achievement
  9. RedBull

    Interesting screenshots

  10. RedBull


    Feel's bad man, just stop feeding them, enough!
  11. RedBull

    4th Wings 90% success rate

    1.5 month and only 2 flames so far 不 if wings will fail i am going to cut my veins
  12. RedBull

    Interesting screenshots

  13. RedBull

    x100 Pandora