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  1. We have added two additional VIP Arenas with weaker monsters: Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu. Teleport commands are now /viparena 1, /viparena 2 and /viparena 3. In total there are now 39 VIP spots. Bosses can be found only on the third arena.
  2. Phobos bull Blue Golem Fire Golem Q: Correct! Blue golem!
  3. RedBull

    Banned account

    lol when senates sell items for real money they don't get ban
  4. RedBull

    Sell x5000/x30

    Selling on x5000: Elf 196 res: -M3- Selling on x30:
  5. RedBull


  6. RedBull


    nice provocation from senate member
  7. RedBull

    Funny videos

    Yes and add a guide for macro aswell
  8. RedBull

    Funny videos

    Bye muxglobal! p.s Here is a video guide how to make CM Achievement
  9. Feel's bad man, just stop feeding them, enough!
  10. 1.5 month and only 2 flames so far if wings will fail i am going to cut my veins
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