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  1. Desperados

    S>4 SM wings

    UP intresing 4 BK wings
  2. Desperados

    S>4 SM wings

    X5000 Server S or T 4SM Wings+12+L+4critical
  3. Can check logs,i Just do switch character
  4. 1. Desperados, desp200 {mabe on desp500 ) .think in this desp2002. Make by self 3. 20.06.2019 21:20 - 21.06.2019 17:004. dont see when,just chek after work vault ,and dont find 5. Mantle +l+16dd6. no
  5. Desperados


    1. nick- Desperados login- desp200 server- Phobos x50002. get by self3. 12.05.2019 noticed at 21:53-21:554.take off harmony from item5. Spirit pants+13+l+DD6. Yes
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