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  1. rist


    Hello guys, what can you hear about the phobas server? still what will be that he died similar to the aurora
  2. how much do you sell the sword and the volcano set? total
  3. rist


    eagle honestly you do not have a head on your shoulders alone you violate all the rules and write complaining to others
  4. rist


    eagle sure this is about you? there in the picture is a guy I was writing to and he was talking to so don't be so smart
  5. rist


    when he was offended he was partially separated then the rules 4.1
  6. rist


    here it is written in the plural of several persons, it is not a single person offense
  7. rist


    there is also evidence that Scar is still angry is on the picture clearly seen the last sms
  8. rist


    rule 4.1 what is written there
  9. knight name you caracter phobas
  10. rist

    4.2 avatarmg

    be serious and not a child I 5 years old when I play here I know the rules that are 3 unions I have now endured in phobas I returned that are players who were in Phobas which was closed
  11. rist

    4.2 avatarmg

    yes you did not take the picture and one wrote the sketch I only gave a sm and ready the picture
  12. rist

    4.2 avatarmg

    it is a violation that I am looking for a friend in the game who are not up to date with what character and I wrote DANU and I messed with Daun so it was. and he then in private gave an answer
  13. rist

    4.2 avatarmg

    eagle injure writes vulgar words and you don't block him and kill the afk people on the spot it's all good at him
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