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  1. Gladiator


    muie madnes
  2. Gladiator

    S>T> SM X5000

    MiniMe = sm on pandora
  3. 1)x5000 2)GoBLeeN full rr sm with sphinx set +13+l+dd(3 parts hdd) + kundun staff +13+l+edr+lvl+wings+7+speed +ignore+mana 3)i trade my full rr sm on dl OldSupreme on market with scale set +13+l+dd+came+13+scepter 4)
  4. bel4enak vernio6 moi ve6i katori prapal? ia skazal 6to 3+4 meste staiali te chari na katorax ve6i lejal no 6as 3 mesta zaniat no 4  5  pusto

    1. Gladiator


      i moii ve6i prapal v meste s te 3+4  4aram 

  5. 1. sacoli1 2.lost my vault 3+4 3. ex legenday shild +luck+dd+hp. exl dragon slayed shild +l+dd+ref and many items anc exl + jewels of luck i didn' remember all
  6. Gladiator

    Guild ZERO

    1)Gladiator 2) daily 3-4 hours or more 3)no
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