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    lost gloves

    1. Phobos server
  2. Razbivacha

    lost gloves

    5.5.Glorious gloves +12+luck+dd+add def 28+ (damage decrement increase+7%) +Zen too i forgot to say
  3. Razbivacha

    lost gloves

    1. name: InsaneBoy acc:insaneboy 2. Obtained in game process 3.I exit the game 25.09.2019 at around 16.25 and enter ingame at 27.09.2019 7.50 4. When i enter in game today (27.09.2019) i see the gloves are gone. They was in my character inventory not in bank. 5.Glorious gloves +12+luck+dd+add def 28+ (damage decrement increase+7%) 6. No