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  1. SoloDanceR


    Are u an honorable man ? if so prove it i wont say anything at this point trust u
  2. im racist cant lie get ur stupid language to freaking russian server ty !
  3. SoloDanceR


    get a life dude .. really .
  4. how about if i use the same account for pandora and phobos the chars just gonna transferd to the phobos account?
  5. Hello i would like to trade my sm : https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Relics&serv=server5 +Blue fenrir for hellion or violat fenrir pm me if u intrested
  6. also selling Ashcrow set helm+dd+ref+mana+L+15 armor+dd+ref+hp+dsr+L+15 gloves+dd+ref+L+15 pants+dd+ref+zen+L+15 boots+dd+ref+zen+L+15 Best set on the server rn total of 15 options looking for a good offer / hellion
  7. im selling : boots ashcrow +13+L+dd - 160+tax /// GD: Pants+dd+ref+L+12 Armor+Ref+hp+L+12 Boots+DD+L+12 Gloves+DD+L+12 3200+tax for all of them
  8. SoloDanceR

    HotDog x5000

    When i fight MG 1v1 i first get the dmg then i see him close to me i dont think its the same thing as in the video I have noting aginst them but legit its look like some kind of ping abuse That could be manual ping abuse aswell The dmg and the visual bug souldnt come togther as u said thats not game bug for sure @BeL4eNaK
  9. Bons / Pets / Wings / Rare items what ever look as a nice offer
  10. lol last cw i played u + envy + Dictator couldent bring me down only after u got the bug set + hellion u killed me with full attacker stats .. dont act all mighty u just a noob u dont even got combo skills
  11. stfu noob u have no promision to talk in here
  12. Looking for good offer 15Opts total best set atm on phobos legal Armor not like CP's one
  13. The truth is everyone knew it but had no evidence cuz they allways on invisble mode
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