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  1. how to get lost map 7?


  2. -Z-L-O-

    MuX Photobook

    Pigi you are T*** )))
  3. -Z-L-O-

    BAKU, Aquaholik

    Where chat frame? On all screenshots there has to be a FRAME of an open chat as it is shown on an example and it is obligatory. No frame - No ban.
  4. You can also purchase a VIP account and buy these items in the store.
  5. How to fully open a chat: 1) Press Enter. 2) Then press F5 or the Chat window background On/Off button. (in our case it has to become dark color). 3) After that press F4 or the Size Adjustment button (for application registration - chat has to be fully opened). 4) Then we press Enter again and the chat is fully opened. To mark the date on screen: 1. Press the button "O" in-game and the plate will appear. 2. Put a tick on "Show system message" That way you will fix the date when pressing the Prt Scn button. How screenshots should look like: 1. On all screenshots, there has to be a frame of an open chat as it is shown on an example and it is obligatory. No frame - No ban. How to make the date on screen visible? 1. Press "O" in-game and nameplate will be visible. 2. Tick as it is shown on the message on "Show system message". That way you can fix the date by pressing Prt Scn button. (though better make a couple of screenshots, sometimes on the first one date may not appear, but in the 2-3 it definitely will)
  6. In the topic title specify the server, rule point which was broken and offender's nickname. Topic description sample: Extreme / Vesna / 4.1 Topics will not be processed until user will make a description according to server rules. Do not write your own comments. Further on - fill the form as it is shown in example: 1. My nickname: -Z-L-O- 2. Game server: Luxor (clarify VIP or Sub if necessary) 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: Pigi 5. Proof. If insults were made in any other than English language, it is obligatory to provide translations along with original screenshots. It is possible to upload screenshots on such image hosts as img.us files.fm and others. Administration will not download screenshots from file hostings or take into account incorrect links as well as small size screenshots. Screenshot requirements: 1. Nothing should be glossed over or cut. 2. The conversation has to be opened fully (hotkey F4 - until chat will not open fully). Screenshot examples - here. 3. Time and date should be visible. 4. Screenshot expiration date: 3 days from the day it was taken (14 days for the rule 4.18). 5. Screenshot should be readable. Video requirements: 1. In case if player with suspiсion of autopick usage was captured (2.1), at least 3 Zen piles obtained in a row should be visible on the video. 1.2. In case if player with suspiсion of autopick usage was captured (2.1), the F2 key should not be pressed by the operator while recording a video. Post, experience bar and obtained items (yellow and blue inscriptions) should be visible. 2. In case if player with suspicion of using any other forbidden program is captured, or while using in-game bug, on the video all the factors, which may help us to understand the whole situation objectively, should be captured. 3. Video expiration date 1 week. 4. At the end of the video, you have to press Print Screen button, in order of date and time to appear on the in-game screen during video recording. 5. In video title, it is obligatory to indicate - MUX Global MU Online and your server. For example: MUX Global MU Online - Phobos. 6. In the video description, it is obligatory to add a link to our server's statistics. Go here -> and choose the right server. For example here is a link to Phobos: https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=stats&serv=server5 7. Video must be uploaded only on YouTube Under the spoiler, you can screenshot, which will help you to figure out where and what to write. Screenshots and videos, taken on the anti-lag patch client and clients with similar graphics downgrading programs will not be accepted, if necessary information is not visible. Addition: if we can understand that the video is relevant and there is a violation on it, but the requirements clauses regarding the design and formatting (1, 2 and 3) are not respected, the punishment will be issued at the discretion of the Senate. Note: If information from chat is not required in order to make a decision about punishment on a rule clause, paragraph 5 is ignored. Guild chat communication: If a clan personal correspondence is visible (@) and it contains cursed words, ban will not proceed. As an exception - if the topic was created on the clan member. Exceptions: Ban will proceed if: family, close ones, forum moderators and administration staff were insulted. Jailers: Main Jailer - Pigeon Assistant - Type-R & VeryMuch
  7. it is game process and nobody can prevent it.
  8. -Z-L-O-

    Kanturu Event

    Kantur Kore event begin at any time after the kill Nightmare. Every 24 hours. You should Monstone ring. It is written that we should Monstone Pendat, but it is not. Enough Monstone Ring Only. In the screenshot it shows how to get to the thief opened and how much before the start of Kanturu Event. (Press TAB to see MAP)
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