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  1. yseraa

    Server Maintenance

    Download latest pacher and copy files into games folder.
  2. yseraa

    [28.12.2019] - New item craft system

    Why items has to be without dd?
  3. yseraa

    Endless Tower Event

    Where can I see the prizes?
  4. yseraa

    Cant sell 4option exc item

    Create new char, put item in inventory and delete character.
  5. yseraa

    How can i hear mu online in background?

    Try alt+tab
  6. yseraa

    Quest system full list

    Quest were you previously received levels, now give Experience depending on your dynamic rates and quest number. You can get several levels at once, for example, at level 100 it can be up to +100 levels, and at 390 only +1. At х1 rates you should expect only a couple of experience bars. But on x200 rates, most of the times you will receive 50 levels or more.
  7. yseraa

    Disappeared mana/AG and HP potions

    Yes, blue golems drains ag.
  8. yseraa

    Achievements Pandora

  9. yseraa

    Achievements Pandora

    I dont know what happened yesterday but achievement points for top 3 players got cut. This is what it says in my acc, In achievements top its 151 https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=ratings&show=14&serv=server2 also ingame it says 151. And yes, I originally come from Pandora.
  10. yseraa

    Pet Rudolf does not collect zen

    You have to kill mobs, only then rudolph will collect zen.
  11. yseraa

    old features back

    Death king is fine, you can get anc with luck on the way.
  12. yseraa

    Few suggestions.

    Then maybe add respawn time, I get max 1 violet from 10 kills.
  13. yseraa

    Few suggestions.

    exactly, you said it - who gets more luck. Thats the issue. Too much depends luck in here.
  14. yseraa

    Few suggestions.

    Thats what I said dont allow to use 4th wings into pet craft. Servers online goes done too fast there are no satisfaction to get it when there are no online anymore.
  15. yseraa

    Few suggestions.

    6th. Cut down donators ach to 20k because buying full gear cost around 20k bon so far. Why would we need to spend extra to get it done? Doesnt make sense. 1 fully geared char = ach done.