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  1. acc: rug4rth ring of wind +13 serial: 62786935 phobos pretty sure it was bought from my acc.
  2. Seems like you are trying to open wrong mu. You should look for map called MUX Global Arkania Episode 3.
  3. Services > Stats fix (Endless tower) This might help.
  4. You are able to farm flames in ET now so IMO its completely fine.
  5. Run as administrator?
  6. If you dont want seraph, make violet fenrir.
  7. I would also like to add critical DL to this, it doesnt seem right when people prioritize critical DL (wich is afk char) over actual 5th player in party. IMO it needs some nerf.
  8. yseraa

    Free Bonuses

    Clearly says, you need to do more quests. (Ingame quest master)
  9. Download latest pacher and copy files into games folder.
  10. Why items has to be without dd?
  11. Where can I see the prizes?
  12. Create new char, put item in inventory and delete character.
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