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  1. Update: Tried relogin, didn't fix it. Made a few more levels, it was fixed! Maybe it was something temporery.
  2. What is this sorcerry? I can't get into KA.
  3. Hi. In my opinion Spirit of Guardian is op, but how can you make on? Thx.
  4. Siege is once every two weeks? Thx.
  5. Hello guys. I am totally confused. In the past when i use to play MU(long time ago) for SM it has always been 1 point agility, 2 points energy. But now i here it's the other way around(from x100 Pandora), yet in the top of x30 Aurora all SM have more energy then agility. Can someone please explain this to me?
  6. SuperBad

    LvL 3 wings

    Thank you so much for the answers! Flame of Condor can be found in Baracks via Cry Wolf?
  7. SuperBad

    LvL 3 wings

    Exactly the answer i was looking for!
  8. SuperBad

    LvL 3 wings

    Hi! (again) Can someone please explain to me how you can make lvl 3 wings in Mu Online? I have found a few tutorials online but i think they are are from a different version of Mu! Thx! (to the guy who thinks my questions are stupid, please go out and take some fresh air)
  9. Been doing that for the past week and no luck in finding the mobs, and if i do then there is just 1 or 2.
  10. @BeL4eNaK @Arthur It might be just me but: Jewel of luck should be 100% or at least with a much smaller rate of fail. It costs 150 bonus, so not cheep! Not acceptable to fail 4 time in a row. Maybe you will take into consideration. Thx!
  11. [x100 Pandora] Buy Enis Helm and Anubis Ring! Pay with good amount of bonus!
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