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  1. -Ambrose-/aurora a1-b2-b3-c4-d4-e4-f4-f5-f6
  2. Transfer quatro, deadinside if they want
  3. a1-a2-a3-b3-c3-c4-d4-d5-d6-e6-f6 Napalm/Legion
  4. vampir

    Chaotic diseier

    No, just put in then we see...
  5. vampir

    Chaotic diseier

    Why in game don't have chaotic diseier, if other new skills for all class are in game?
  6. vampir

    DL attack

    Why Dl attack so week oly hit lowest and little bit critical dmg, mid attack 0. And how its posible that elf with 5res hil 5-10k and lord max time with 1.5k cople times crit 5k?
  7. vampir


    what i need to do???
  8. vampir


    yes if i klick other, dc too
  9. vampir


    I cant go in gome when cklick to pandora server DC. What me do?
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