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  1. one time reset stats for 1 bon in week and 50 bon for other reset stats or 10bon for all time reset stats
  2. Meaybe admin say something or will the matter be silenced
  3. Ofcorse mzu make what he can do he always do this. But he dont make anything good for server or players. Its a smart guy slyboots it's just a little shortcut.
  4. recently was an update thanks to which we could have dropp item + L + 4opt and why now its change? now what ? now we cant droop this items we cant dropp pendants rings what have resistans.. why why why ^^ and please stop spam for others player about my cry
  5. amazing how to change the average server for the tragic .. and the name is Aurora and is focused on players who will invest dollars.
  6. We can still drop rings and pendants from bok +5 ?
  7. Madara


    Im collect and after dropp and what ? im collect 100 boks then im dropp and what hurts you?
  8. Madara


    Sphinx gloves from bok+3 ^^^^
  9. Madara


    Supreme i am noob but you are bigger noob dont remember how you lose 5k bons in no donate fight ? hahahahahahahah little p****
  10. Madara


    Why after maintence drop from bok will be changed ? They are now dropped items from bok +4 in bok +5. Admins chenge that becouse ppl dont buy items from shop and dont donate ? And make alone good sets ? WHy usually the changes are to the disadvantage of players ? why which the admins only look at $ in their account at all costs, not players. this change will be most felt by players who do not buy bons and they dont donate.
  11. Madara

    S> SM Aurora

  12. Madara


    Its bad idea, who will be play 24 hours, some players wll play but others have life work study ^^^^
  13. Im hunt goldens only in evnings + box of luck and orenge box from bali + vip. i collect this for one month. But for example in Aurora was play more ppl than phobos or legend hahaha so im think its harder collect box in Aurora than Legend or Phobos expecially Phobos
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