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  1. HbMate

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    Demetri/Aurora 9-18 18-36 2-22 12-24 5-33 7-27 31-4 14-28
  2. https://imgur.com/a/Uu99VR8 https://imgur.com/HinO44T https://imgur.com/Ky6Jpnc https://imgur.com/DxgTVuK
  3. HbMate

    Banned account

    Desperation of banning my account without doing nothing? I will talk on skype, no worries, i dont have nothing to hide
  4. HbMate

    Banned account

    You don t belive you re eyes that you get caught in you re own trap and u believed in my good story ? :))
  5. HbMate

    Banned account

    Really, were is the evidence that i sell the account??where?? U dont uderstand that it was a joke with the rivals.?? An rivals believe what i said and they report me?? All the rivals want my account banned, because is powerfull, and all my teamates told me that were makeing jokes on server about what they did to me, after i got banned?? Think a little... I dont want to repeat myself: I DIDNT INTENTED TO SELL THE ACCOUNT, AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR SELLING ACCOUNT!
  6. HbMate

    Banned account

    I don t have nothing to cover because i didnt do nothing In fact u come with some serious accuses up there.... Interesting.....
  7. HbMate

    Banned account

    Go grab candy Junior! No u fall into my trap , but told u before... u cannot read between the lines .
  8. HbMate

    Banned account

    It s normal, that the joke be real to the end smartguy And i found some `good character` on my rivals, this is strategy I m not sure u can read between the lines..
  9. HbMate

    Banned account

    we will see who will be sucker.....
  10. HbMate

    Banned account

    My problem is other... I DIDNT SELL ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!
  11. HbMate

    Banned account

    Thank you Weissmann for you re support.
  12. HbMate

    Banned account

    Hi everyone! My account Demetri was banned because the administrator thinks that i wanted to sell the account for real money! 1. I didn t sell in my life any account for real money. 2. I made jokes that i m selling my account with our rivals GAMEOVER/SHEOLS. 3. If u ban an account just because i m making jokes is it wright? Hipotetically speaking i m asking u all something: if i m telling u in real life or in the game that I m Santa Claus, do you believe me?? You got the point... i m not a child anymore ... I was making fun of my rivals, so please unban my account, because i didn t do anything wrong, like selling something or swear anyone in this game, just makeing fun of my rivals. Best regars, HbMate(Demetri)
  13. I m sorry bro for you re lost....
  14. HI! Yesterday between 21:00-22:30pm , i have bought lottery tickets, and the prize was kris, wich i didn t received. The action repeted at 02:00-02:30 am today, same prize, but i didn t received. Can u help me?? Thank you very much! Best regards,
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