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  1. "WIN-WIN LOTTERY" jewels for heavy euros
  2. Real play4win they said...
  3. Just there are funny penalties for speaking other languages - one day ban for /post Sounds like a joke. Some real penalties would teach english very fast.
  4. Misstyped "L" letter
  5. What a butthurt here Reward for finding the bug seems fair.
  6. nagor

    x100 Pandora

    This is good idea, server will die even more Merging donate server with super donate server is never good idea.
  7. Welcome to mux! Try to make some good set +13
  8. nagor

    Dark Lord

    The problem is balance - MG in full mayhem set +13 and FO wpn and good wings finally can face DL in leather set +dd
  9. nagor

    Dark Lord

    MG is useless on this project, SM goes just behind him
  10. Pay and cry. Ill give you a tip - dont play on donate servers at all
  11. Yes, killing guildmates in BA or dungeon is one of the biggest bullshit on this server...
  12. I wont even start to play phobos because in few months they will open new server and phobos will join dead serves club with pandora and diablo (rip).
  13. Opening 47287 new servers makes all other servers die
  14. This link goes into other adress - blockchain.xn--info-yea
  15. If you expect answer from admins or GMs sooner than a month after your report, you confused servers
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