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  1. kostas4949


    Then you know I'm not related to the rest. Fake report on purpose?
  2. kostas4949


    How about you stop creating fake reports when you've been told you are?
  3. kkfkkfjcjk / Luxor 1-11 5-12 10-17 4-25 9-30 13-35 14-24 7-27
  4. kostas4949


    Read your own topic. Its 2 posts above. Why are you pulling names out of thin air and reporting them?
  5. kostas4949


    It seems algocalim has been online since yesterday but hasn't adjusted his report that includes me. I would like to see proof of how i'm related to any of the other guys mentioned. If that doesn't exist and he doesn't adjust his report, does that mean he is misleading the administration? Aka rule 4.19?
  6. kostas4949


    Im kkfkkfjcjk. I stopped playing at aurora server 20 days ago because it's a dead server with only a bunch of toxic players left on it. Being named here is proof of that. I don't know anyone on that server and i want to keep it that way. How do you even associate me randomly with random people like that?
  7. kkfkkfjcjk/ Luxor a1 - a2 - a3 - a4 - a5 - a6- b6 - c6 - d6 - e6 - f6
  8. That's not a tip, that's just in your head. You have exactly the same chances as the last 10. There is a good wikipedia article explaining it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_fallacy So you are just lucky.
  9. 2 sentences, none of them making any sense whatsoever in the current context. You really have trouble typing anything that would need the usage of even a few brain cells, don't you? The issue is too serious in my eyes,though, to end up becoming a laughing matter by your comments so I will refrain from feeding you after this post.
  10. Your senseless commenting can't be avoided anywhere on this forum, can it? 1) People donate to this game, there is money involved in accounts. 2) Many people use the same or a very similar password on multiple sites. This could breach multiple accounts. 3) Yes, this is personal data. But why am i bothering? You almost never make sense anyway.
  11. It doesn't matter. You guys can be perfect and still get hacked. Look at all those big companies that spend so much money on security that get hacked every day. It's not IF you will get hacked, but WHEN. And when that happens it's better if the passwords are hashed+salted than being plain text. The same is true for TLS when logging in. Anyone could MITM if they really wanted to and steal login credentials.
  12. The problem is that this shows you store our passwords in plain text on your servers. Any hacker, any employee, anyone with bad intentions and access to your server can just see it and steal it.
  13. Wasn't that already obvious from the lack of TLS on their website when you try to log in? I didn't bother with a secure password after that. Sooner or later it would appear in HIBP anyway
  14. 1. My nickname: kkfkkfjcjk2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.64. Name the offender: PATINGz5. Proof: I stole a red dragon and he kept harassing me for 30 mins about it. He said a lot more but I guess this is the worst.
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