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  1. Delia/luxor A1-B1-C1-C2-C3-D3-D4-D5-D6-E6-F6
  2. emil

    Aurora Refunds

    We have a saying ,,when you receive your cow gives birth and when you give the little cow baby dies " :)) has more impact in our language but you get the point
  3. I am talking to the admins not to the enemys ...take a walk
  4. Don t you have a case to defend ??rather than post on my posts,i pay you keep my side :d
  5. Very great merging i saw a shadowmere in extreme market with 1700 bons ,this shows how much you care about us players ,from a 9500 shadowmere its only left 10% value ....this merging is bullshit....we go there moore than noobs
  6. emil

    Aurora Refunds

    Account: aemilianus Great lord scepter +15 256173643 Sunlight helm +13 375972820 These 2 items are fo i bough them from market over time , @BeL4eNaK can you check if they can be return ,thx
  7. Deagle/aurora a1-b1-b2-b3-c3-d3-d4-d5-e5-f5-f6
  8. We have a saying ,who knows allot dies ....:)) can you digg it ??:))
  9. First 2 pages from extreme market ,thats gurbage ,i saw box +4 +5 with 6 bons .....
  10. Are we supose to upload all items in virtual vault ?because i have them in vault and on chars bigger than 1 rr....in virtual vault on main there is no space left ...
  11. All acoounts have limit in virtual vault
  12. I didn't know you are working the staff ...i will wait answer from someone who has a saying...
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