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  1. emil


    bandicam 2019-12-03 18-37-10-600.mp4 bandicam 2019-12-03 18-43-18-664.mp4
  2. emil

    vip kantru 3 ks

    ks kantru main 2019-12-03 14-14-06-591.mp4 3 vip main_2019-12-03_14-06-40-659.mp4 main_2019-12-03_14-00-28-114.mp4
  3. emil

    Bug or cheat

    I put on market bone blade with Zen and Pass and it has been sold without my pasword
  4. emil

    Update +13

    sa scriu in English ??:))
  5. emil

    Update +13

    Ar trebui un sistem sigur de update de La +12 La +13 chiar si contra cost cu bons Pentru jucatorii mai mici ....eu unu as avea nevoie ca de aer de Asa ceva