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  1. KayLee

    S> ELF

    Elf NOT for SALE anymore, can be closed, thanks!!!
  2. KayLee

    S> ELF

    S> ELF 267 Quests Seraphim set +12 (3 items +dd) Ignored set +13 w3+13 Flaming PVP fo +15 FO rings/pend exe arrows +edr+2% Violet Fenrir Offers PM
  3. Right, elfs receives bonus from arrows/bolts but to less because its +0 You can add them to Shop FO arrows, and latter to add Goldsmith upgrade
  4. This guy keeps his manier of idiotic behaviour. Good job ))))
  5. I know what I am doing and yes, those couple of % makes difference Why u are advicing to use weapon and shield ? wtf ? how i suppose to do combo, yes a supportive ELF can wear shield+dagger for buffing, but its not the case.
  6. SET sold, can be closed, thanks
  7. Bows that are two-handed gives 5% set bonus Any other Top FO one-handed weapon also gives 5% + second weapon/shield - additional set % bonus Yeah, sure, its only your opinion because u are not playing with elf !!
  8. Right, there are also no bolts/arrows in shop, each class can have 2 FO options items in two hands sword-sword, sword-shield, staff-shield exept elfs.
  9. or trade for PVP fo arrows
  10. up 6.5k bons for set !!!
  11. Helm + dd+dsr+ref + 28add+ddi8% Armor + dd+dsr+ref + 28add+ddi8% Pants + dd+dsr + 28add+ddi8% Gloves + dd+dsr+ 28add+ddi8% Boots + dd+dsr + 28add+ddi8% Offer in bons
  12. KayLee

    4.2 ViruS

    1. My nickname: KayLee2. The game server: x5000 Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.24. Name the offender: ViruS5. Proof:
  13. KayLee

    4.2 KayLee

    Virus ti LOH i mydak, pusti vse i na forume znaiut ob etom
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