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  1. KayLee

    S> ELF

    Elf NOT for SALE anymore, can be closed, thanks!!!
  2. KayLee

    S> ELF

    S> ELF 267 Quests Seraphim set +12 (3 items +dd) Ignored set +13 w3+13 Flaming PVP fo +15 FO rings/pend exe arrows +edr+2% Violet Fenrir Offers PM
  3. KayLee

    Stolen Wings+Char

  4. KayLee

    4.12 noobDK, -Kitten-

  5. KayLee

    Arrows and Bolts

    Right, elfs receives bonus from arrows/bolts but to less because its +0 You can add them to Shop FO arrows, and latter to add Goldsmith upgrade
  6. KayLee

    Arrows and Bolts

    This guy keeps his manier of idiotic behaviour. Good job ))))
  7. KayLee

    Arrows and Bolts

    I know what I am doing and yes, those couple of % makes difference Why u are advicing to use weapon and shield ? wtf ? how i suppose to do combo, yes a supportive ELF can wear shield+dagger for buffing, but its not the case.
  8. KayLee

    S>RS SET +13 full DD DSR

    SET sold, can be closed, thanks
  9. KayLee

    Arrows and Bolts

    Bows that are two-handed gives 5% set bonus Any other Top FO one-handed weapon also gives 5% + second weapon/shield - additional set % bonus Yeah, sure, its only your opinion because u are not playing with elf !!
  10. KayLee

    Arrows and Bolts

    Right, there are also no bolts/arrows in shop, each class can have 2 FO options items in two hands sword-sword, sword-shield, staff-shield exept elfs.
  11. KayLee

    S>RS SET +13 full DD DSR

    or trade for PVP fo arrows
  12. KayLee

    S>RS SET +13 full DD DSR

    up 6.5k bons for set !!!
  13. KayLee

    S>RS SET +13 full DD DSR

    Helm + dd+dsr+ref + 28add+ddi8% Armor + dd+dsr+ref + 28add+ddi8% Pants + dd+dsr + 28add+ddi8% Gloves + dd+dsr+ 28add+ddi8% Boots + dd+dsr + 28add+ddi8% Offer in bons
  14. KayLee

    4.2 ViruS

    1. My nickname: KayLee2. The game server: x5000 Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.24. Name the offender: ViruS5. Proof:
  15. KayLee

    4.2 KayLee

    Virus ti LOH i mydak, pusti vse i na forume znaiut ob etom