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  1. vilpas

    SS phobos

    Exactly. It doesn’t matter what I or you believe. Punishment must be based on proves, not on believing or interpretations. If you start believe u can fly doesn’t mean you can.
  2. vilpas

    SS phobos

    Asking for proves is misleading? If in real live I hit you with car and you can’t prove it will I go to jail? It doesn’t mater I did it or not, but it’s how law works.
  3. vilpas

    SS phobos

    It’s quation. Can you prove it was said in specific language? From this screan without any context I can’t. And senate - Type-R should keep away from topics that touch his guild mates. It’s conflict if interest first of all.
  4. vilpas

    SS phobos

    It is no prove on what language it was said, and it’s a big deal suits here aswell. And ofc same word in deferent languages can have diferent meaning. You can’t prove he said it in georgian and not in japan. Can you?
  5. vilpas

    SS phobos

    My point is that translations should be proved by dictionary screans.
  6. vilpas

    SS phobos

    Need to get translation proves, otherwise it’s just interpretation. I could say it means “good morning” so put official prove of translation or nothing happened.
  7. vilpas

    4.12 EagLe

    For Ru at forum topics should be forum ban aswell Ppl who newer learn what is official language of server just showing again and again how uneducated they are...
  8. vilpas

    Mayhem Set x5000 Phobos

    Dream on
  9. vilpas

    Arrows and Bolts

    Sm or dl have range aswell and can use 2 fo items. So it’s stupid argument. Lottery have items with pvp opt like all others, but casual FO should be in shop.
  10. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    Totally agree. This is one of case that is totally ridiculous. Since selling stuff for real money is forbidden, and bons could be refund - administration could just take away bons from seller, refund buyer and solve this case in honorable way. But it looks like that it's always better to get cash in pocket. Doesn't matter what community think.
  11. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    1) Public apology to the players of the server. 2) Refund triple cost of the items they acquired (by Aurora shop prizes, e.g. Sunlight Helm 2700x3=8100 Bon) And in this case not even real owner was trying to get his char back. It was just option to get "cheap" char for Weissmann. And if it's alowed for 3rd persons (or ppl who bought char to pay debts) would be fair if same will need to be done for new owner of cpb bk.
  12. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    lol That was exactly my point. This unban was just to make cash. It have been done not according the rules and highly possible even payment for unban was payed by 3rd person
  13. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    Does it makes any difference for admins who unban? Bons = cash
  14. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    Yeap... 50$ do the stuff...
  15. vilpas

    hall of fame bonusses

    From players perspective it's not so different. Char who had items by exploit was running in server, participating in event's and so on. After all char isn't banned and server population got 0 compensation. About -yamakasy- where was not public apology that was one of requirements to unban. Real owner attitude was completely different in forum after ban. Char was unbaned after merge just because "someone" bought it and to pay 2700 bons for all items was no big deal. Good way to earn 50$ ofc, but no principles of project stuff in this situation...