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  1. vilpas

    B>PVP Bolt

    B>Pvp Bolt or trade for pvp Arrow pm.
  2. vilpas


    Lol eagle so fair player... what about this?
  3. It's only your perspective. Other ppl could have different thinking don't you think so? If you believe something it doesn't make it true or right. And if some ppl maby even most part of players are ok with elite potions what is your problem about it? Just some ppl like game as it is, and for some of them your topic looks like troll QQ. You offered your suggestion and arguments - it's all you can do. Part of players like elite potions same as other cash point or bons shop stuff. It's GM desision how they want to design game and such decision shouldn't be based on few players tear. Even as you said now furious are for elite potions. Probably even part of ace are for them, so for majority of community they are ok. Most of players are educated enough to read web (at least I hope so). If player don't know about x shop yet - even 20 such players wouldn't stand vs 1 (total noobs of project), so elite potions doesn't change situation of them in any case.
  4. VIP, power buff, buffs, and potions aswell is way to make ppl donate for server. All of them give benefits for users ofc, and there will always be ppl who don't have cash for them and who won't be happy. So such topics are kinda useless.
  5. Elite potions was in shop for quite long period of time. Is it coincidence that all ace started cry about them after 2 total fails in CS?
  6. I don't see any problem with elite potions. It's multiplayer game. If team attack player with elite potions or without he will die in few sec. For example even in CS where most of ppl are on full buffs noone is immortal. "One person eliminates full party" if that is top geared with high achievments he can do it for beginners party with elite pots or without them, but show me how 1 person can eliminate full pt with achievements and +/- same gear? Only afk... Maby you are talking about some other server, but phobos is most balanced of all MUX servers ever was.
  7. B>Seraphim armor +dd (+0-13) x5000 pm on forum or in game
  8. vilpas


    Buy seraphim armor/helm +dd. PM prices.
  9. B>Violet fenrir / Hellion x5000 pm with price
  10. Yes! Some kind of Christmas promo would be cool. Same violet like last year or new one.
  11. vilpas

    SS phobos

    Exactly. It doesn’t matter what I or you believe. Punishment must be based on proves, not on believing or interpretations. If you start believe u can fly doesn’t mean you can.
  12. vilpas

    SS phobos

    Asking for proves is misleading? If in real live I hit you with car and you can’t prove it will I go to jail? It doesn’t mater I did it or not, but it’s how law works.
  13. vilpas

    SS phobos

    It’s quation. Can you prove it was said in specific language? From this screan without any context I can’t. And senate - Type-R should keep away from topics that touch his guild mates. It’s conflict if interest first of all.
  14. vilpas

    SS phobos

    It is no prove on what language it was said, and it’s a big deal suits here aswell. And ofc same word in deferent languages can have diferent meaning. You can’t prove he said it in georgian and not in japan. Can you?
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