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  1. Viserion


    i know 50 % from diablo . and u know when i quit for what to from there also . but with 90 % ........ for that combines . u know to cc drop rate. chaos bless 10 life chaos bless 10 life +1 if there drop some anc harm or luck i m happy even for this drops
  2. Viserion


    im ok with w3 s dude . but u can read here my big fails. w3 s are okay for me . problem is that big fails . there is not easy to colelct them . all cc s drops bless chaos or mostly +1 boxes. for make w4 u need w3 . and for this at least 3 4 w3 fail to . dont know how the fck fail this combinations. there is succes are 80% and 90 % . also i even dont talk about 1 w4 failed at upgrade to . there is logs they are free to check them .
  3. Viserion


    Trade this Wings = any bk w3 + 2 flames
  4. Viserion


    P.S Please if anyone wanna leave here a shitty comment dont do it PLEASE . i feel shit enough . dont wanna take ban on forum again with shitty talkins style . Thank you from now for understanding .
  5. Viserion


    Let's talk about that succes rate. There is writes 90% and 2 x w4 failed with 2 try . 1 violet fenrir failed (80%) 1 black fenrir failed (80%) 1 Blue fenrir failed (80%) dont talking about even good items and failing 3 lvl wings . they are tooo much already . prob is high succes rates and broken goblin... W4 fail with "Nitro" w4 fail with "Flippy" violet fenrir failed with "Flippy" black fenrir failed with "FreeQuency" blue fenrir failed with "OldMaster" what about this succes rates and this fails ? there we all know we cant write any command there and bring that items to for try to our vaults (this is how belenak doing in video and says 8/10 succes etc) @BeL4eNaK
  6. Viserion

    Phobos 3.1

    we can see how idiot u re .little picture here . u was in same yea ; and your guildmates unfair in this game . thats why u didnt took a ban there all is shows and clearly already. keep bullshit here now . no point to answer to kid like u . btw that in the gym half naked guy = ME .
  7. Viserion

    Phobos 3.1

    for the first u became to senate or wtf u talking there ? learned it without ban ? there u had video for show all clear . u were pk maybe changed map ? oh no wait there clearly shows how u switched there i cant hit u and u still there . all i can say good game p.s for that little picture . stop braging about the achievements of others. make yourself and put there . u still need to learn more lesson . good luck
  8. idk even whats writing in it freeman said cant send from phone and dont know web whatsapp sending for him
  9. kebab smell is better than ur shits dude . all u can do in topics talk about other one ? Sell all of ur items maybe u can buy a brain for urself
  10. Viserion

    Need some help

    no . bk-sm-elf 400 dl-mg 500 each reset
  11. Viserion

    Funny videos

    theace after last cs
  12. He had bk there. Lets look who talk about it . Lets check who is useless even with pet and we can talk after about what he can do or cant with merge.
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