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  1. cthulhu

    Aurora Refunds

    1) cthulhu_m 2) Wings of Conqueror +13 (256108239) Pendant of Lightning +13 (410165076) Demon (255723506) 3) i bought in aurora from some players with trade or swap in game, i dont remember when or who.
  2. hanro /aurora A1-A2-B2-C2-C3-D3-E3-E4-E5-F5-F6
  3. cthulhu

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    hanro / Aurora 3 - 23 36 -13 1 - 17 27 - 11 10 - 29 31 - 15 22 - 8 7 - 25
  4. hanro/Aurora a1 - a2 - a3 - b3 - c3 - c2 - d2 - e2 - e3 - e4 - d4 - d5 - d6 - e6 - f6
  5. cthulhu


    I have no problem with being banned, I have a problem with applying different rules for the same words... is it clear for you idiot???
  6. cthulhu


    For how many char can I use this feature? because i m using for hanniball he/she using scar, i m using for scar he is using demetri, i m using for demetri he is using another templars char,... provocation does not end. if you are going to ban me because of the word "gay" you have to do the same in this topic. otherwise you are definitely ignoring their crimes, this is proff. for them "anti" for me "ban", bravo for your justice...
  7. cthulhu


    you always write me private message not only for that innocent genius; i said to you so many times i dont want to talk with you but you continued to harass. you wrote to me pm after pvp fights, cc, and while blocking the bridge with Demetri... etc Do you want to share all the screenshots about what you did or do you prefer to show only those that work for you?
  8. cthulhu


    hey dumb read this ; the word "gay" is the word "gay" you must go back to school, of course if you went to school before what a low iq you have, omg
  9. cthulhu


    see who says i wrote to you many times "i dont want to talk with, dont write to me private messages you are disturbing me", but you cant understand this, because you are really dumb. first provoke, then take a photo(choose the ones that work for it) and wait for me to get banned, a very good tactic for your intelligence, bravo. that can really work because we saw that there is no justice
  10. cthulhu


    for second ss; he/she wrote to me from another chars "Demetri, Scar, ..." and closing that char, after i m asking to him/her why writing pm to me everytime. for example; i m using command "/mute HannibaL" but using another char and choosing nice SS bravo his/her iq rising if it is normal for this guy/dame to always write a private message to me, I think it's normal for me to ask this question to him/her. and "gay" word is a swear for you, you have to check my topic in prison he wrote to me "gaylord" and you are said to this "Anti"...
  11. @Ivan Nebraska I'm still waiting for proofs of your explanation...
  12. bla bla bla what does it have to do with the subject? you can't stop meanless talking and humiliating yourself ha, what a pathetic...
  13. @shadow ok then i m asking again; Where is evidences? Secrenshots, messages ... etc. Where ??? this is one of this proofs from your innocent friend, for you innocent boy, if u forgot other sentences are at least so disgusting, you can read if you want... and now your guild bulliying me everyday but i m not talking like kasab3. use your brain when you talk, ok?
  14. @Ivan Nebreska this was your decision about kasab3; "No words can excuse such statements. Permanent ban on rule 8.", and now this is your decision; "Kasab's case was reconsidered, as new details about provocation took place. His words were truly awful, yet I believe everyone deserves a second chance. He was banned with unremovable ban for a month, now he is free. If you see one curse word from his side or one topic on prison, there will be no mercy and no unbans. For now, he has second chance for a rehabilitation." Ok then, First question: Where is evidences? Secrenshots, messages ... etc. "Kasab's case was reconsidered, as new details about provocation took place." Second question: Isn't it unfair to others that are banned because of this rule? "His words were truly awful, yet I believe everyone deserves a second chance." Third question: If it hasn't been completely banned for what it says so far, which word can be effective for you now? "If you see one curse word from his side or one topic on prison, there will be no mercy and no unbans." Why do you have rules if you are going to do what you know instead of acting according to the evidence instead of punishing what is done? Ok then everybody says they want, as in this case, and then they says they're provoked with "evidence(!)". And please dont close topic again because this is not a solution, you have to be fair as admin. RESPECT ...
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