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  1. shmyrtz

    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    a1-a2-a3-a4-b4-b5-c5-c4-d4-e4-e5-f5-f6 Puppet/Phobos
  2. shmyrtz

    Bonuses for Guild Master

    1) Destiny 2) https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=Destiny&serv=server5 3) For us ...Destiny is one of the oldest guilds in my country for the first time we play on this server because we are not in full line but we are still studying.Maybe next season we will be more
  3. shmyrtz

    Sell on Pandora = Phobos

    Fenrir is allready sold
  4. shmyrtz

    Sell on Pandora = Phobos

    Bk 64rr Night Edge F.O. +13 Plate set dd ref xx +13 +8% add Blue Fenrir