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  1. This will 100% happen but isn't it to early ? Please, think about my idea, becouse in a month +/- there will be nothing to merge.
  2. It's again happening... all top rr and russians go to one guild and there is and will be no chance to win with them. I said this many times already also on aurora ... guilds on these servers should have MAX 10-12 ppl - not more... . There would be many guilds and more chance for other AND more FUN! Ppl are already leaving from Legend server... . Think about it ... try it... for a month ?
  3. Mike

    Donated bons but didn't received them

    BTW. Paymentwall blocked my account LOL and i don't know why. What was the reason. I did everything right... never had problem like this. Now i can't buy bonuses :).
  4. Hello, yesterday i saw a very good item for a very good price on market. I wanted to buy it so i bought 1100 bonuses (that's not the first time i buy bonuses...). So i did everything right i've sent the money on MuXGlobal account via Dotpay option. The money was gone but i didn't received the bonuses. Today i received an e-mail that something was wrong with the MuXGlobal account and the money came back. The item from Market is already sold... .
  5. Mike

    Guilds up to 15 people.

    I don't know if there was a topic with the same intention but... maybe it would be a good idea to make up to 15 people in a guild? I mean... we have only two guilds at the server that have a chance to win CS, Sheol and Jokers - it's getting boring :). Top Guilds and members: Sheol - 52 members Jokers - 48 Members Yeti - 28 Members That's about 8 new guilds if there would be up to 15 people in a guild... :).