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  1. DeagLe

    Viserion x200

    good reporter coming soon get 1st Reporting Cup 🥇
  2. DeagLe

    Diablo x200 Storm 4.9

    https://prnt.sc/ktpgxu when record video time
  3. DeagLe

    Diablo x200 Storm 4.9

    you are only give buff for dl and when dead respawm another spot lol
  4. DeagLe

    Diablo x200 Storm 4.9

    1. My nickname: DeagLe 2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.94. Name the offender: Storm5. Proof: (Screenshot / Video) https://youtu.be/bS8swL3yIzI he opened 2x player in same pc for more bon and buff himself , when he get warning from launcher for hit anyone to her he open it check both players ip u will see what i mean , if its ok we all open 3 4 players in tdm for more bon and we have also 2 3 x elf's for buff us so just let us know
  5. DeagLe

    Lost on x200.

    Why your pass distribute all and now write my wing lost
  6. DeagLe

    Lost on x200.

    Last road
  7. DeagLe

    S>SM [Diablo x200]

  8. DeagLe

    4.15 ImYourDadd x200 Diablo

    him need change name only
  9. DeagLe


    Lolss 19k vit bk going kill players ? :DDD
  10. DeagLe

    4.2 x200 DeagLe

  11. DeagLe

    4.2 x200 DeagLe

    https://www.imagebanana.com/s/big/1140/saMSGNOa.png How did you know that I wrote you this? Are You have name here ?
  12. DeagLe

    4.2 x200 DeagLe

  13. DeagLe

    GuiLd Event

    Have Guild Quests 400 Devil Square Need Join And wait end its Only Need DS+5 +6 Join Get 1 point or ALL DS Give 1 Point ?
  14. DeagLe

    GuiLd Event

    DeviL Square Event only DS+5 And DS+6 Need Join ?