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  1. Harvest

    S>4 SM wings

  2. Harvest

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    You can post your answers until thursday 12/12 18:00 server time, goodluck! Here you can check how this quest looked last time:
  3. Harvest

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    MEMORY It's essence is simple: in front of you there is a game board with 36 cells. Under every cell you will find a monster. Your task: to find pairs of the same monsters For every arranged pair you will get 20, 25 or 35 bons.  Pairs for 20 bons (6 monsters per game board): Worm Poison Shadow Pairs for 25 bons (4 monsters per game board): Great Drakan Zaikan Phoenix of Darkness Hellmaine Kundun Pairs for 35 bons (2 monsters per game board Golden Goblin Golden Tantalos  To participate you have to make 10 pairs from cells 1-36, you can use each cell only once! An example of an application for participation: Harvest / Phobos 1 - 21 2 - 9 3 - 18 4 - 8 5 - 27 6 - 20 7 - 25 17 - 31 32 - 36 14 - 15 Game board results for this example:    Winners in example: Only one pair match 1 - 21: Kundun Harvest – You won 25 Bons.
  4. Harvest

    4.12 Rule violations

    BamBam Fertix AGRO
  5. Harvest

    Guild Legion x1000

    @LadyFox Pm
  6. Harvest

    4.12 Rule violations

    CAMOCBAJI Shtemp BeMka
  7. Harvest

    S> DL 51rr x1000

    Well that was fast, sold
  8. Harvest

    S> DL 51rr x1000

    Interesting things on DL: cape+ignore, 78 kvest, zen set, so not much (cape should be 150+tax minimum right now) I'll collect offers on PM or here for 24 hours, starting price 800+tax bons Buyout price 2000+tax
  9. Harvest

    4.12 Rule violations

  10. Harvest

    Server Maintenance

    I don't know if this makes SMs on mux stronger, most had hard time using combo with slow teleport already, not to mention now but yes, speed is crazy
  11. Harvest

    4.12 Rule violations

    Yellow 4.12 as he was already reminded few times, KLANAN warning
  12. Harvest

    Guild Legion x1000

    I pmed you @gepardC
  13. Harvest

    Account only valid on Aurora

    Try "remember password" option, first email you get with passowrd when registering is password for your account on every server, if you change password it's only for 1 server
  14. Harvest

    4.12 Rule violations

    Cherry AhmadTea Legko K1NG 3BEPU
  15. Harvest

    B> Legion sm items

    B> Shield +fo for sm Dark soul helm boots armor +12-13+luck Dark soul gloves helm boots armor +l+dd or +dd+xx