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  1. Winners: -TheAce- | Phobos 65 bons Mekss | Phobos 65 bons hanro | Aurora 65 bons Scar | Aurora 45 bons
  2. Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Treasure hunt", it tests the strength of your intuition. Every player is welcome to participate.  Your task is simple: You have to get from start (green cell - A1) to finish (red cell - F6) without running into monster. Rules: 1. You can only move UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT. 2. Finding monster on your way - GAMEOVER. 3. Finding treasure on your way - 20 bons each. 4. If you find treasure but then run into monster, you don't get any bons. 5. Number of moves is unlimited - you can make as many moves as you want. 6. Finishing maze (when you get to red cell F6) without running into monster - 25 bons. There are 4 hidden treasures and 6 hidden monsters.   An example of an application for participation: Harvest | Phobos a1 - a2 - b2 - b3 - b4 - b5 - c5 - d5 - e5 - e6 - f6 TypeR | Aurora a1 - b1 - c1 - d1 - d2 - d3 - d4 - d5 - e5 - f5 - f6  Results for this example (purple line is TypeR's path):  Harvest – Unfortunately you have been eaten by monster. TypeR – You have won 65 Bon.   Quest ends on Wednesday 26/02 18:00 You have only one chance, so don’t create multi accounts - you will be punished. Do not forget to provide your nickname and the server together with an answer (as shown in example)!
  3. Harvest

    Phobos 4.2

    Translation: Leen: mustang Redbul: traitor Leen: ^^ Leen: (here kurwa is just expression that something looks funny/weird, nothing offensive, it's more like start of sentence than any real word here ) kurwa how does it look / or as @luuuzak said this is looking so sick x D Leen: army Redbul: (here chujowo means bad looking, again chuj/chujowo is offensive word but here it's used to describe how something looks, as in bad looking but worse than bad) looking bad/shitty Leen: Leen: what did that guy (delikwent literally means someone who can be accused of doing something wrong, not a curse word) do? Redbul: betrayed Leen: oooh no Redbul: he went to ice
  4. Winners: Krilce | Aurora 50 bons luuuzak | Aurora 25 bons
  5. Number of pairs you must put in answer is 8! You can post your answers until 16/02 Sunday 18:00
  6. MEMORY It's essence is simple: in front of you there is a game board with 36 cells. Under every cell you will find a monster. Your task: to find pairs of the same monsters For every arranged pair you will get 20, 25 or 35 bons.  Pairs for 20 bons (6 monsters per game board): Worm Poison Shadow Pairs for 25 bons (4 monsters per game board): Great Drakan Zaikan Phoenix of Darkness Hellmaine Kundun Pairs for 50 bons (2 monsters per game board Golden Goblin Golden Tantalos  To participate you have to make 8 pairs from cells 1-36, you can use each cell only once! An example of an application for participation: Harvest / Phobos 1 - 21 2 - 9 3 - 18 4 - 8 5 - 27 6 - 20 7 - 25 17 - 31 Game board results for this example:    Winners in example: Only one pair match 1 - 21: Kundun Harvest – You won 25 Bons.
  7. Winners: Skeromil | Phobos 100 bons Bull | Phobos 50 bons
  8. Letters have been added to 1st and 2nd rebus as tip!
  9. and 3rd, all are open, one player can win not more than 2 rebuses! **** ********
  10. About guilds it's true, there was good number of guilds on legion with active players but after 2-3 weeks all of them merged in 2 guilds, one of them kinda quit before first CS too TypeR is right. Overall I think top players on mux, especially on recent servers, make too small communities which don't cooperate with new players
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