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  1. Harvest

    Lottery drop

    TL;DR Some time ago I won something, this time I didn't WHAT THE FUCK ADMINS? REPAIR LOTTO SO IT WORKS THE WAY I LIKE I have gambling addiction
  2. But maybe it rolls 50% twice sure it's not relevant question, I was just curious
  3. Dual wielding means using two weapons, I meant if you use two Heaven's dividers at the same time
  4. it's 50% chance for every kill or litreally only every second kill has no penalty? How does it scale when dual wielding Heaven's Divider?
  5. @Weissmann I thought your topic was on Castle Siege time, which is good topic, not you defending your dick size, you got way too easly provoked here Castle Siege time on mux may depend on what timezone players have since it's worldwide server! But I guess most players are more or less same timezone as server so it sounds like a good idea to set CS time same on every server, it could also help with player retention on mux because it should lower the number of big boys doing anal penetration to newbies and from what I experienced, every server opening on mux = "veteran kil me and take my box, ban him ples" (I wrote it every server I played myself, I can play only vs noobs). PS: new players (and myself) will cry anyway but maybe a little less.
  6. Harvest


    Here is video if someone needs help, good old times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuUrh38kVvg&ab_channel=AkiliandMe
  7. Winners: -TheAce- | Phobos 65 bons Mekss | Phobos 65 bons hanro | Aurora 65 bons Scar | Aurora 45 bons
  8. Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Treasure hunt", it tests the strength of your intuition. Every player is welcome to participate.  Your task is simple: You have to get from start (green cell - A1) to finish (red cell - F6) without running into monster. Rules: 1. You can only move UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT. 2. Finding monster on your way - GAMEOVER. 3. Finding treasure on your way - 20 bons each. 4. If you find treasure but then run into monster, you don't get any bons. 5. Number of moves is unlimited - you can make as many moves as you want. 6. Finishing maze (when you get to red cell F6) without running into monster - 25 bons. There are 4 hidden treasures and 6 hidden monsters.   An example of an application for participation: Harvest | Phobos a1 - a2 - b2 - b3 - b4 - b5 - c5 - d5 - e5 - e6 - f6 TypeR | Aurora a1 - b1 - c1 - d1 - d2 - d3 - d4 - d5 - e5 - f5 - f6  Results for this example (purple line is TypeR's path):  Harvest – Unfortunately you have been eaten by monster. TypeR – You have won 65 Bon.   Quest ends on Wednesday 26/02 18:00 You have only one chance, so don’t create multi accounts - you will be punished. Do not forget to provide your nickname and the server together with an answer (as shown in example)!
  9. Harvest

    Phobos 4.2

    Translation: Leen: mustang Redbul: traitor Leen: ^^ Leen: (here kurwa is just expression that something looks funny/weird, nothing offensive, it's more like start of sentence than any real word here ) kurwa how does it look / or as @luuuzak said this is looking so sick x D Leen: army Redbul: (here chujowo means bad looking, again chuj/chujowo is offensive word but here it's used to describe how something looks, as in bad looking but worse than bad) looking bad/shitty Leen: Leen: what did that guy (delikwent literally means someone who can be accused of doing something wrong, not a curse word) do? Redbul: betrayed Leen: oooh no Redbul: he went to ice
  10. Winners: Krilce | Aurora 50 bons luuuzak | Aurora 25 bons
  11. Number of pairs you must put in answer is 8! You can post your answers until 16/02 Sunday 18:00
  12. MEMORY It's essence is simple: in front of you there is a game board with 36 cells. Under every cell you will find a monster. Your task: to find pairs of the same monsters For every arranged pair you will get 20, 25 or 35 bons.  Pairs for 20 bons (6 monsters per game board): Worm Poison Shadow Pairs for 25 bons (4 monsters per game board): Great Drakan Zaikan Phoenix of Darkness Hellmaine Kundun Pairs for 50 bons (2 monsters per game board Golden Goblin Golden Tantalos  To participate you have to make 8 pairs from cells 1-36, you can use each cell only once! An example of an application for participation: Harvest / Phobos 1 - 21 2 - 9 3 - 18 4 - 8 5 - 27 6 - 20 7 - 25 17 - 31 Game board results for this example:    Winners in example: Only one pair match 1 - 21: Kundun Harvest – You won 25 Bons.
  13. Winners: Skeromil | Phobos 100 bons Bull | Phobos 50 bons
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