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  1. sheqal

    Cant update

    its okay i did it.. need to close antivirus / firewall and restart pc.. then reinstall and let it auto update.. Please Closed.
  2. sheqal

    Cant update

    I dont have antivirus and my firewall is off. I cant upload picture here to show you
  3. sheqal

    Cant update

    Guys I need some help here.. i've tried to make auto update on my client but its failed. even after i download the latest patch and extract in the client folder, its still showing the same problem. can anyone advise me? thanks
  4. Or to make it easier to find the item that you search, you can use a filter formula. For example you just put Dragon Pants +DD in your wish-list , you can still find someone who put Dragon Pants +DD +Ref +Hp +zen etc for sale.
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