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  1. Ice arrow doesn't function at certain attack speed levels over 32767 agility. Not sure if getting more agility would fix it, but not wearing fase silk and going back to 32767 definitely fixes it.
  2. I agree, this is too radical. They even buffed typers terrible great dragon set from medals to give more defense, what are they thinking? Radicals. RADICALS! Seriously though, what's complicated about any of this? I understand above point, but disagree completely, personally I find every change here being amazing outside of basilisk sword which I consider blatantly overpowered, but nobody will notice until all tank DL's are running around in castle sieges and can't be killed. Maybe not here, but definitely on bless servers. I think it's very good that our projects finally have technology to create custom item options and we should welcome and encourage more of such changes instead of imagining poor "newcomers" who apparently are too horrified to spend 10 minutes looking at long patch notes and checking item library for things they don't recognize once or twice a year when such updates come out. Updates are what keeps servers fresh, maybe one can argue about new best in slot items that look like handwaving for people to use lottery again, but changes like having best shield in the game being dropped from nightmare boss is what game desperately needs.
  3. This answer doesn't sit right with me but at least you confirmed it's the same on all servers so I went ahead and abused your free character program on extreme. I started with full vitality and 10k str and added extra 1k str twice, both times it added extra 1300 damage, exactly as it's supposed to so formula is working correctly. With 12028 str and full vit it came together as 15636+6005=21641 damage from formulas. Now what I got: all targets have full agi and vit. BASE: 21641 ELF: 28293 SM: 28308 DL: 28303 MG: 28303 BK: 31585 BK is a clear outlier, but everything else is pretty much the same number within margin of error (I also do zero damage to all of them, difference is tiny). Next I added another 10k to str which is supposed to add extra 13000 damage to combo. I checked only BK and ELF since there would be no point in testing others anymore. BASE: 34,641 BK: 44630 ELF: 41293 Basically it shows that BK combo roughly deals extra 10000 against BK and extra 6666 against everyone else so it's the magic number I was looking for. Then I changed stats again to figure out if it is constant or not, and it isn't. Basically damage taken from combo also adds roughly 10% of your max health before buffs. That is the reason why BK takes more since they get 3 health per vitality instead of 2 like every other class. TOO LONG DIDN'T READ: combo damage is from formula+ third skill+ 10% of target's max hp (base amount without any hp buffs)
  4. Noticed that my bk deals more combo damage than intended. By supposed str*1.3 +maxhp/55 it comes out as 33900+-, but everywhere in the game I deal more than that for seemingly no reason. Recorded two videos where I combo different classes. 39k against elf, 44k against bk and 40k against mg. My guild buff is small and insignificant so that still doesn't explain those different numbers. For elf and mg, I don't even break their defense so it's 100% from combo and only 100 or less damage from third skill, against bk you can see my crit for 1025, but even that is still tiny and can't explain that sudden 44k combo. Am I seeing those secret character balance modifiers for every class that are different on every server? If so, why do they even apply to combo that is supposed to deal the same true damage everywhere and be easily calculated? elf.mp4 bk_mg_dl.mp4
  5. Try some drip marketing. People have seen announcement about new locations and read "it's just belka tricking us to think that Arkania and ruined maps are something new!" , same with new quest system, it can be interpreted by some that you mean these new quests from luxor and that's it, nothing more. Maybe put a random no context screenshot here and there. Everyone knows new server is looming near, it doesn't have to be a single big announcement two weeks before release with huge update list revealed only then. As far as Arkania map goes, its biggest crime is being a main difference in a redhead stepchild projects that are egames and mux. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with it, but perhaps it could be served better as a trader town, keep Devias as main location with event entrances, but focus Arkania as a place where you go to look for player stores. If not, maybe remove the other exit from dungeon that connects to area near Arkania main shop near entrance bridges. Preventing enemies from going to BC is another pleasure of playing Mu and another angle to fight back and at such favorable angle to counterattack is just broken.
  6. Killing each other before BC and DS is quintessential part of the game and talisman usage should be enabled to participate in such shenanigans. In bless project where everything is in Devias you can use them, so why not here? Please consider making them usable in Arkania as well, especially given that you are planning to move this server build to bless.
  7. It doesn't even need to be PVP, the most fool proof way to win cc is just standing near pit and hitting opposite side. When you switch sides(while still being on these bugged tiles) your hits just ignore monsters as well for few seconds, even skills like triple shot that always deal damage no matter where enemy actually is.
  8. There is a somewhat little known bug in chaos castle. Squares around both pits are like dead zones, very often any single target attack won't work there, attacks just won't register most of the time. Everything can be seen on video, he deliberately walks around those exact map squares to avoid damage. This thread is on bug reports not prison since I personally don't consider this as game breaking and never lost cc due to this, but it should still be fixed. cccc.mp4
  9. Helping to speed up new server release one tiny bug at a time
  10. Switching character while being outside of Arkania safe zone puts you in sz and sometimes to 0 0. Just did it 10 times and got bug twice
  11. Gigachad\ Luxor a1-a2-a3-b3-b4-b5-b6-c6-d6-e6-f6
  12. This seems like just a part of this "Arkania episode 5 part 2". How is your rough timeline going compared to expected schedule? Could bless server still come out in October or should we expect it later in the year?
  13. Actual advice, wear 2 swords with SD bypass, use cyclone once on the other bk, twisting slash without hitting said bk and try to guess where sm will land with death stab combo prepared. If sm is on f6 afk, eventually he will end up near map edges and it will have much higher chance to land a hit.
  14. The entire video is you being stupid and helping sm survive. You would be more useful by staying afk and maybe that other bk could win without you constantly trying to prevent him from killing that sm.
  15. muonline


    This likely has nothing to do with ping, cc appears to have a separate synchronization problem. Players in movement are pretty much like red dragons, except you can't target ground to hit them. When enemy runs around pits it's quite often that single target skills straight up refuse to register. You can really notice it when playing elf and a bk is running at you, just cast ice arrow and nothing happens, can't hit combo since 2 of those skills are single target. This video is a bad example, but I have had it happen to me dozens of times, this sm just brings sd potions and likes to toy with enemies so he runs in circles, oftentimes you spam death stab on him and he just runs past you like nothing happened
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