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  1. Always. Thank you. I can ensure you that your trust is seal with me through my good intentions. I feel privileged and joyful that your trusting on me has come up with a good result.
  2. Read rules carefully. Video is needed to show inactivity ONLY and that is necessary just a little as 30 seconds. When you benefit from the fact that nobody is inside TDM and you can win points -> bons, using dishonest ways (entering 2-3 chars of same person), can be caught easily - no need for video, it was shown clearly that both of ur chars won in each team. What's so hard to understand ? You must be rule 8 banned, not 1 week nor 1 month. You never learn.
  3. 1. my nickname : Paewang2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.9 4. Name the offender: Scar, HannibaL 5. Proof: Same person with 2 chars and same IP in TDM in different teams.
  4. Featured

    4.9 ZurC,Marko

    See @Type-R, Jokers guild has only good faith players. You already knew that but your ignorance says the opposite.
  5. There are no Aurora members except you and one more that would agree to move to Inferno. I don't. Best for Aurora is to go to Extreme.
  6. You forgot to tag your mom, she can suck my dick (don't forget to translate that too) @Ivan Nebraska ?!?!?!? MAYBE A FOREVER FORUM BAN ?!
  7. @BeL4eNaK @Ivan Nebraska @Type-R @Adee @Artemy Shan DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS FOOL ?
  8. You have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about. Check the online of King server. it can only be done if they remove all your quests/achievements/resets and items, maybe then
  9. "ii doare in pula de ce scrieti voi aici" (muie adminilor) meritati! They don't give a fuck about what you write here (admins can suck my dick) you deserve it! Maybe @Ivan Nebraska can take any actions on this fool behaviour ?
  10. Well maybe because the valuable players left ? they have added sheol items now they should change the name to Sheol server.
  11. On which of the reports you guys went rec? @Type-R @popwar
  12. Featured

    M-Z-U 4.6

    M-Z-U said many things in the chatbox. Wtf is this and why you keep puling and trying to ban him with nonsense posts? He also said this and many other things: P.S. have you even seen the quality of your SS? Nothing is understandable from that shit
  13. You are not in the position to vote in the name of Shoel. Last time I’ve checked you were just a simple dumb goat in the crowd. Admins said: GM votes.
  14. How lovely. Anyhow, we are not interested in your visits worldwide we are nolifers and our life is MU online. Can’t you seem to understand?
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