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  1. Old client Arkania Episode 4 for server Phobos is avalaible here.
  2. As I said, virtual vault does not have unlimited slots, and now mostly of items were replaced by junk ones we had in game vault
  3. MZU

    Aurora Refunds

    Not only the Spirit of Guardian is selfmade, also DEMON is selfmade and Grand Soul shield is Guild Tribute item.
  4. @BeL4eNaK still Virtual Vault cannot hold much items... care to fix that before merge so we could gather all our items inside ?
  5. So you think it gonna merge with Master ? Dream on ! Never gonna happen.
  6. Not to mention other stupid rats from Phobos… (i.e. madness, ice. badangel, akapixul)
  7. MZU


    like it's really hard to netstat -a, identify IP and port (mostly 55920) and then ping -t ip address
  8. MZU

    loss elff

    The elf is in possesion of Spectre for more than 1 year, I can testify this.
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