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  1. TraFik/Aurora A1 - A2 - B2 - B3 - C3 - D3 - D4 - E4 - F4 - F5 - E5 - E6 - F6
  2. TraFik

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    TraFik / Aurora 3-14 6-31 7-21 9-25 27-35 1-5 17-24 15-19
  3. TraFik

    Aurora tdm 4.9

    where does the regulation say that you are not allowed to run away from your opponent in TDM and that you have to fight? I was in that TDM too, without upset but it seems a favor to Tigerx in this statement
  4. TraFik


    did you join jointdm on bosshunter and another character was automatically registered? or how by mistake? :))
  5. TraFik/Aurora 212 230 Q: Wrong
  6. it was for the first screen ... the posting minutes had to be announced Once the first coords from first ss are guessed , its normal that the second is coming, just refresh your page
  7. TraFik/Aurora 148 131 Q: Wrong for the second screen.
  8. TraFik


    tigerx is right (my love :x) correct 4.12
  9. TraFik/Aurora A1-A2-B2-B3-C3-D3-D4-D5-E5-F5-F6
  10. MZU...Do you think he needs comments like that?
  11. rufus1, I think you're Queen or TigerX, ready to steal? you completely emptied the MACK character, the boy will make a post that he doesn't even have the character anymore and are you still talking about stealing?
  12. where does GieQ appear in this video? writes that it came out but maybe out of the game
  13. 1:name:TraFik 2:server:aurora x30 3:Origin of lost items: obtained in game process 4:Date and time of loss: 09.06.2019,time aprox 16:30 min 5:How items have disappeared: of inventory 6:In details about lost items:absolute sceptre+13 fo and Wings conqueror+12 lk hp edr 7:Was the Safety Mode is activated?: no 8: I was active when they disappeared
  14. my wings disappeared and sceptru full obtion...how is it possible?
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